Picture Dictionaries, Board Game And Beansprouts

No rhyme or reason for this post. Just random stuff to write about. :D
Raimie was pretty excited getting a Arabic-English-Malay Picture Dictionary for being best overall student at his SRA. Well, Mommy and Daddy can learn a few Arabic words too with this dictionary.
We went to Tesco to buy groceries and while Zaini was looking at some stuff at the bike section, Raimie went to the toy section. He got interested in this 3D snake and ladders boardgame. Because he is such a good boy, I relented and bought it for him.

He has plenty of boardgames and play cards at home, but why not? He needs to take a break sometimes from studying and playing computer games! Playing board games meant someone will get roped in to play with him. Luckily, his Uncles at his Grandpa's house always obliged. Mommy? She'll play if she gets coerced hard enough because Mommy rather spend time with her notebook. LOL

I got a gym ball for my at-home exercise routine (among other stuff I got) but most of the time this gym ball serves as a bouncy seat for Raimie. He sits on it, bouncing along while watching TV. Oh well...
I hate beansprouts most of the time. The only time I'll eat them a lot is if they are cooked teppanyaki style. I hate to take them with my noodles, I hate it cooked with tofu. I hate them raw. But the beansprouts sure are a cheap vege option. RM1.00 worth of beansprouts can provide a vege dish several times over. The frugal me should relish that fact but no, I rarely ever buy them.Why lah I only like "expensive" vege like broccoli. XD


  1. Ah Tesco, that's one of my most favourite places to shop :D

  2. i love beansprouts lina and i can eat a dish of that even without rice =)

    mommy has to spend some board games with raimie... give some break to your notebook =P

  3. @Nick,
    I always ended up buying more than I need at Tesco.

  4. @Ayie,
    Actually Mommy plays more than Daddy because if Daddy starts playing with his DSi, nobody can disturb him. :D

  5. I don't like beansprouts too, always try to separate them from my food whenever possible.

    If I had a gym-ball like that at home, it probably would end up like yours as well :)
    So you exercise everyday?

  6. @Evan's Mom,
    I try to workout everyday but it is a challenge during weekends because I like to sleep in. (I like doing them in the morning).

  7. There's nothing wrong having expensive food - esp if you can afford it. I'm not much of a fan of beansprouts either. Esp after listening the story about a man, a woman and beansprouts (18SX) that's kinda disgusting but sometimes the way they cook it is mouth-watering..

  8. @Angel,
    true, but most of the time when buying all these food that cost so much (for me, that is), I'm thankful of my life. I have the luxury to pick and choose what I want to eat each day. I'm blessed. :D

    Oooo what';s the story about? do tell. :0

  9. i live taugeh but i omos never eat broccoli at home.. the expense factor .. trying to stretch the RM further

  10. Congrats to Raimie for being top boy! 3D boardgame looks cool.

    That gym ball looks great! You'd be as fit as a fiddle in no time, eh?

    Taugeh not nice, meh? It tastes yum if fried with salted fish teppanyaki style. Not overcooked though.

  11. @Bengbeng,
    Yalor, 1kg of beansprouts is way cheaper than a flower of broccoli.

  12. @HappySurfer,
    How to be fit, if the ball, the treadmill, the dumbells are were used by my son instead of me? LOL


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