Head Not Screwed Right, Last Run (On Vacation, I mean)

My last run during the vacation was by the Sumida River. Since we are in no rush to go anywhere, I had the luxury of starting my run a bit later, at 7.00am and return by 8.30am. The sun was already up and sunny at that time so it was great to run under the clear blue sky. With the crisp cold air, it was really nice to have a run in the cold season in Tokyo.
Along the river, golden leaves lay scattered on the pavements. I tried out my new Asics compression tights on this run and made a zooming (well, zooming for me at least) run that day.
Nice view all through the run, watching boats cruised by, cars and lorries crossing the many bridges across the river, salarymen and office ladies off to work, students off to school. Nobody tried to run over anybody and even when I got on the pavement heading back to our hotel room, I could just run and have a secure feeling that vehicles do stop at pedestrian crossing instead of the other way round. Of course, I make sure to stop at red lights and run when it's green when there are traffic lights!

I am gonna miss running in Japan where you can run in crowded area and not risk stumbling/crashing into somebody or some vehicle.

In total, I had 5 runs in Japan. A lot less than what I set out to do. But I cannot control the weather (cold rainy mornings are definitely not an ideal condition to run) and I skip them when I'm in need of more rest. But overall, I had fun. I experienced running in Kyushu (Yufuin), in Shikoku (Takamatsu) and Honshu (Sumida River, Tokyo) and the experience was priceless! Running should be fun.
And those runs I had sure were fun! Run happy, folks despite any setbacks we encountered like that cute little blister I had. :)


  1. I suppose if you're addicted to running, your running gear will definitely be one of the main items you pack for holidays ... LOL!

    Welcome back to the daily grind ... hahaha!

  2. @Nick,
    So I supposed I am addicted. I packed my favourite pink running vest (the one I always wear to races), bought an new running shoes, pack all the dri-fit socks and even brought my running cap along. ^^

    Daily grind. Agh. I wish I can just run everyday and not think of work. lolz

  3. wow i can imagine how nice it is to experience running in the cool breeze and golden leaves paving your path..

  4. definitely it's safe to be running in japan i guess, else you wouldn't just run within the compound of your apartment back here right??

  5. oh, BTW, i received it already.. that's so sweet and thoughtful of you!! FYI, i've completed my assignments to say just waiting to be submitted next week, so i'll be able to celebrate my christmas, hahaha!! ;p

  6. @SK,
    It was totally nice to run with such a lovely autumn colours to view on the run. The cool weather was great too. ^^

    Wah, so good. Assignment completed already. SK such a good student. xD

    Have fun celebrating Christmas! No worrying about deadline next week, right? :)


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