When In Haste....

I really am bad with shopping, both at physical shops and online. And sometimes, when excitement takes over and I made a hasty decision on a certain purchase thinking it was a good deal, I made the wrong purchase and buy something that doesn't really suit me.

So, I received an e-mail about a Timex promotion, I jumped at it because my Nike+ Sportband is acting up on me and can't be recharged. I had been mulling over getting a new running watch for sometime now so when I got that e-mail I was pretty excited. Too excited perhaps that I didn't read and do proper research on the watches being offered.

Got my new watch delivered to me 4 days after ordering and after twiddling at it, I realised this watch has no distance calculation. It has pretty nifty features such as target time pacer that I like but without knowing how far I've run it would be difficult for me to gauge my distance. Oh dear.

I call up the shop over at Menara Keck Seng and asked whether I can pay the difference for a more expensive model that would suit me better  (i.e. with pedometer and stuff) and unfortunately they said I can't. Boohoo. There goes my RM268.00. I know it's not much to you guys with a GPS-enabled running watches out there but I can't afford such watches just yet!

Moral of the story - it's bad for me to shop online. It's just so easy to click on the wrong stuff while not making an informed decision about it and spend money.

The watch itself isn't all bad though, that I have to say. It's just that it's a bummer that I may need to buy another running watch or get myself a gadget to calculate my running distance.

Now, if I have an iPhone I wouldn't have this issue right? Since iPhone have Runmeter apps. heh heh


  1. Looks like we have the same Nike+ issue. Mine couldn't charge too after a while which was why I decided to get the Garmin. Nike didn't even bother to reply my emails or enquiries about the band and now they're on my hate list :D

    It sucks on the watch though. Why can't they take it back, it's not like you used it and destroyed it or anything. Well, it's time to start saving for a Garmin then ... hehehe ...

  2. Actually lots of the runners using this type of timer. It works on the target time (target pace) to complete said 1k, 5k, 10k, 21k, which you can preset them into your timer. That why the distances markers on the race course is important! You may use it on the fix course too (like your training home ground - the parking).

  3. @Nick,
    You too, with your Nike+? Sucks, eh? And mine is not even a year old yet. :(

    At least Timex did reply to my e-mail though it was just a curt "no, no replacement. Hope you understand. Thank you" that sort of thing.

    What to do... buying a promo item on promo price like that lah, right. No exchange, no refund. :(

  4. @Neoh,
    It does have nifty features which made me buy it in the first place. I guess for the time being, I use the car odometer to gauge the mileage I'll be running at unfixed route. But yeah, at my running spot i.e. parking area, I just time the laps I've done with the distance that I know a loop covered.

    And Nick... yeah, maybe time to save on that Garmin. heh heh

  5. hmmm, that's bad.. should have know what you want and what you need, then check through thoroughly all the features and make a comparison..

  6. i am always good at comparing features and price, down to simple things like day to day groceries.. don't even mention about high tech gadgets~~ huhuhu!!

  7. oh, so now you are more and more incline to get an iPhone right away?? hehehe, go get it, not only those running apps, you can just install all kinds of apps you explore inside for free.. not suitable?? then delete and explore others~~ hey, remember you can also blog while you jog, cool eh?? :D

  8. @SK,
    Yeah, I know. I'm such a bad consumer. But on the other hand, good customer because I can pretty much go on impulse buying on stuff that might not suit me. xD

    Hahaha I better stop mentioning about iPhone lest you start "swaying" me more towards one. ;p

  9. Bad customer service:( I'm so much clumsy that's why I can never shop online..things like this is prone to happen to me.
    but it's ok beb since u the watch is not bad at all kan?

  10. @screamingmommy,
    Like my hubby said, dah offer items.Mana voleh tukar. Huhuhu My fault lah for being too hasty. :(

    Yeah, it's not all bad because the watch does have pretty nice features that I was looking for. Now, gotta look for a stand-alone pedometer or something pulak lah kot.


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