Head Not Screwed Right, Part I

OK, this is gonna be some updates on my running endeavours while on vacation. If someone willing to get up at some odd hours and instead of enjoying some leisurely time, she/he instead choose to get up and huff & puff running around at some unfamiliar places, her/his head must not be screwed on properly, right? LOL
Woke up at 5.00am and hubby accompanied me to a nearby park & stadium a few hundred metres away from our hotel. Since I'm already up and about, despite the drizzle and freezing cold; I went ahead and did a couple of loops there. Zaini on the other hand, after deciding the place was safe to leave me alone to run, decided to head back to the comfort of our warm hotel room.

Running in the cold weather is such a different sensation for me. It was really nice and without the feeling of overheating much.

As I only allocated 30 minutes for my run, I only managed to do a 5K run but it's a run with lots of stops to take photos. Who cares about pace, mileage or timing when running on vacation. I just want to enjoy myself and enjoy myself I sure did!

By the way, for tohose running races this weekend, all the best and have fun! *^-^*


  1. Addicted to running indeed ;)

  2. oh you are already enjoying your vacation in Japan!! you didn't make a loud announcement to SK the day or the day before you left for Japan.. :D

  3. OMG waking up at 5am to run is crazy already.. and you are doing that even during your sweet vacation!! @.@" I'm sweating like you did during the run, haha..

  4. but then it's good that you still keep the momentum to run.. and I like the way you snap photos everywhere you run.. haha, different experience huh??

  5. @maslight,
    Running makes me happy. :)

  6. @SK,
    Even if I don't want to, I keep waking up at 5.00am! LOL

    And yeah, running in Japan in this cold season is a completely different experience. And people are running in parks at all hours. Can do a run at 3pm because it isn't hot. Nice, right? :)

    p.s. Sorry no loud announcement made here about the trip. ;)

  7. Running in difference routes and places will always bring some additional excitement!

  8. LOL - a runner's work is never done!

    That's a new experience you will cherish, I'm sure, and a chance to stop and take in the sights and capture them heightens the experience. Looking forward to the pictures. Enjoy! And so good of you to update us on your holiday. Thanks.

  9. @Neoh,
    It sure does, Neoh. :)

    BTW, great job on SCMS! ^^

  10. @HappySurfer,
    Every day is a new experience. ^^


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