Generous People

During this vacation of ours, we have had a lot of invitation to meet up, but because of the little time we have and conflicting schedule with most of them; we were only able to meet up with a couple of them.

Firstly, thank you to Hanny in Kitakyushu, who had been kind enough to accomodate us coming to meet despite the last minute arrangement not to mention late night meet-up. We were finally able to meet with her two lovely sons. ^^

In Tokyo, a blogging friend; Minoru had kindly invited us over to his home for dinner and Raimie had a ball of time there.
Raimie learning to play ping-pong. Then, it was time for Daddy to have a friendly game with Minoru.
 After a bit of exercise; then it was time to do some "brain exercise", playing Othello board game.
and learning to make paper cranes with Minoru's lovely wife. Afterwards, Raimie spent till midnight trying to make paper cranes on his own in our hotel room.

It was a lovely evening and before we knew it; it was time to head back to our hotel room. To both Hanny and Minoru & wife, thank you very much for your kind hospitality.


  1. It works both ways,doesn't it, you are generous in the place, then you get all the generosity in return,,

  2. @eugene,
    I hope so... but I think I not at all that generous but somehow lucky enough to meet with generous people.

  3. wow!! too many invitations from friends that you are not able to entertain them all?? fuyoh, gadis ni memang lah popular~~ :p

  4. i think one of the best thing you go on a trip, is to meetup friends over there that you've not seen for some time..

  5. wow, looks like you had a great time with Minoru huh.. and i have no doubt japanese are always the most hospitable people out of this world.. hehe :)

  6. @SK,
    But how come you never invited me, ah? Not popular yet with you, izit? ;p

    All those people we met during our vacations in Japan were the first time we met with them. They open up to us, total strangers!

    You can say that again about Japanese hospitability! :)

  7. It's so lovely to meet up with blogger friends when travelling. And so nice of them to invite you
    for a meal.

  8. u really blend in well in Japan, no wonder 8 times keep going back. Did u study there before?

  9. It would be a pleasure to play ping pong with you all one day :)

  10. @ECL,
    Wasn't it really nice? Really appreciate the kind gesture from them - both Hanny and Minoru & wife. :)

  11. @screamingmommy,
    Nope. Neither I nor hubby ever been a student or worked in Japan. ;p

  12. @Bengbeng,
    Look forward to the chance too! :)

  13. It is the first time for me to read this blog.
    Thank you very much for your kindness.

  14. @minor,
    The other one is for our Japan travels and other Japanese related (and a little bit Korean interest) thrown in.

    This is the place I blog about my everyday (normal) life. ^^

    Thank you for visiting it! :)


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