I Need To Finish This

It is not my habit to let a book left unfinished for too long but here I am only 3/4 through the book I  bought earlier and had mentioned I'd finish on our flight over to Japan. Didn't manage to finish or concentrate reading because Raimie was happily chattering and I can't just ignore him! ^^

I did read a few pages while traveling in the numerous train rides we took all over Japan but more often than not, I'd rather look out and enjoy the scenery than read a book that I can read anywhere.

Remember my post about being invited over for dinner at a Japanese blogger acquaintance, Minoru?
So apart from the book, Born To Run; which by the way, I enjoyed immensely reading but just doesn't have the time to finish reading it yet - I have another book to read. Minoru had not only treated us dinner, he also gave us a book titled Botchan. I can't wait to start reading it. Soon I hope. ^^


  1. hahaha, i've already expected you won't be able to finish reading that book throughout your trip, huhuhu~~ :D

  2. you are right, instead of reading a book while commuting, i'd rather look out of the window for the scenery.. unless i'm in KL itself then it's better to read a book than looking outside, huhuhuhu :p

  3. so you've got another book from Minoru San?? hmmm, that would be a motivator for you to finish reading the first book before you continue with the new book..

  4. Don't worry dear about not finishing the book you are currently reading, reading should be like drinking wine, slow and smelling the roses note or whatever notes,,,,

    Just like myself I am currently reading Peter Buffer,life is what you make it,, only at page 43 after 10 days of reading or not reading hahahhahah

    Hey that's another famous author from Japan something somethng Minoro juga, and he loves running and came out with a book about running and his life, quite a good one,,,please tell me it is not the same Minoru,your Japanese blogger friend, if yes, would love to meet him,,hahahah

    take care now ya

  5. @SK,
    I should've been able to finish it on the flight over to Japan but since there was no in-flight entertainment to keep my son occupied, I chose to listen to his chatter instead of reading my book. huhuhu

    Yes, definitely a motivation to finish the book and start reading the new book. ^^

  6. @eugene,
    actually I'm not the type to read slowly. I usually read a book in one go and then, reread it a few hundred times until I memorise it. xD

    No...I don't think the Minoru we met is the same Minoru. ^^

  7. On a train-ride, I'd say the scenery beats the book hands-down unless of course if it's a night trip.

  8. @HappySurfer,
    That' true. But on night trip, I prefer sleeping instead. xD

  9. An avid runner, i must say!:)
    u should share the review. My husband just bought a book written by a japanese guy about running as well..hoping to read after he finished.

  10. @screamingmommy,
    What's the title? Maybe I should look and get it too. :)

  11. So this is where you hide your book posts! Ha, but I found it! You probably know about this book, but Haruki Murakami (yup, the famous one) wrote a book called "What I talk about when I talk about running". It could be the same book that screamingmommy referred to.

    It's the only Murakami I have NOT read yet (she admits slightly shamefacedly).

  12. @Rurousha,
    Not reading much lately though.

    Oooo... that's a mouthful of a title. But hmmm... didn't notice that title at Murakami's section over at the bookstore I always visit. Must double-check soon! Thanks for the heads-up. :)

  13. I used to devour books overnight but as I grew older there are just too many things to do before settling down with a good book. So it takes me like months now to finish a book :) Don't worry you'll find time to read those books :)

  14. @Jellybelly,
    I guess we have too many commitments and stuff to do now that we are older, eh? ^^


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