Head Not Screwed Right, Part III

Day 5 was in Takamatsu which is on the island of Shikoku. The first day we were there; I took the opportunity to enjoy the seaside view and had a run alongside the port area.
Running while watching the sun rises over the sea was absolutely an awesome experience. I just can't help it to stop occasionally to enjoy the view and also to snap some photos.
Started while it was still dark and I ended my run when the day is already bright and lively.

After running by the port area the day before; I decided that it was too cold to do any running at the same place on Day 6 of our vacation.
So instead, I chose to run by a castle park - the Tamamo-Koen park nearby. At first I had the intention of doing a longer run so I woke up earlier and hit the pavement at 6.00am but after a bit of running, the blister on my left heel started to bother me. Started out with a plan to do a 10K run but only managed to do 6K. huhuhu
Can you see a couple running way in front of me? I wasn't the only crazy one to do this, you know. LOL
Since the blister bothered me a bit, I had to do this while travelling in trains, to relieve both leg fatigue (from continuous walking not so much the running) and to avoid the blister being compressed. My feet doesn't smell, I promise!


  1. haha, so this is Day 5 and you are not doing this "Head Not Screwed Right" everyday thank god!! if you are doing it daily, then this post would be Part V instead of Part III~~ :D

  2. eih, the lighthouse in the 1st photo is so nice, all in red!! i also like the temple in the 3rd photo, so unique.. :)

  3. ooopsss, i mentioned 1st and 3rd photo but skipped 2nd photo.. wokay wokay wokay, 2nd photo also nice lah~~ haha!! :D

  4. haiyoh!! you sit like that in the train?? that is so not gadis lah, haha~~ strange but nobody complained that kaki busuk?? :D

  5. @SK,
    This post cover Part III and IV. ;p

    The lighthouse is very nice. It is made almost totally of glass and when it is lighted, it makes the lighthouse emits red light. Nice, kan?^^

    3rd photo is of the outer gate of a local castle there, the Takamatsu Castle.

    2nd photo is not that nice lah. Even I admit that! LOL

    That kaki up on the seat like that? Yeah, totally not gadis like, more like "oyaji"/old man like. heh heh

  6. OK I have seen that lighthouse in your other blog. Nice!

  7. Haha!! LOL at SK for saying the way you put your legs so not gadis like! : D

  8. Did I say that I was envious of you? No? Well, I'm envious of you ... hehehe ...

  9. @foong,
    Showing off the smelly feet to all passengers to see/smell. heh heh

  10. Lina, hats off to you for getting up so early to run. Nice photos. Each tells a story.

  11. @Nick,
    Yes, you did. And yes, you can still tell me you're envious.

    But I'm jealous of you all year round! xD

  12. @HappySurfer,
    Even if I had no intention to run, body clock will make me wake up early unless there was a reason to make me wake up late. xD

    I absolutely love running with my compact camera in my hand. Snapping photos while on the run makes it more fun. ;)

  13. Alamak I cannot tahan foot blisters, mesti rasa pain shoot to every part of my body.. :( And to run when having blisters? I would rather not. :D But good for you for making it 6k even though got blister bothering you. And nice photos too!

  14. @Bella,
    Mind over matter. Lari with blister - konon2 part of marathon training. kakaka

    Thanks. Gambar kaki pun nice? hihihi ^^


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