Razif's Quest - Road To TdG

Helping to get the word out for a respected runner, Razif who also blogs at RaYzeef@malaya :

Continuing his effort with PEKA Malaysia running UTMF race last year, Razif will once again run for a cause, in support of PEKA’s movement “Save Our Rainforest”.

After 2nd straight year balloting his name, he finally made it into the prestigious Tor des Geants (TDG) race in Italy. Only 700 runners are allowed to race this annual 330km (200 miles) race every year.

Officially collaborating with PEKA Malaysia, Razif is offering a chance of owning the Limited Edition RQ (Razif's Quest) PEKA TDG Cotton T.Shirt to fund part of his expenses to run in his dream race – the 330km Tor des Geants (TDG) in Italy this coming September.

The cost is RM50/pc. If you are interested in purchasing them, please contact PEKA or direct email to Razif for your order. PEKA Malaysia. Email: hello@pekamalaysia or rayzeef@gmail.com

All the best Ray!


  1. It is good that you are always sharing and promoting anything for a good cause.

  2. Bagus. Get the word out so that more will support him :)


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