A Hearty Breakfast After A Sunday Run

So we did something rather out of norm last Sunday.
We went out early on Sunday morning for me to run in a 10K race.
Even Son remarked about it because as it was only a 10K run, I didn't have a whole lot of stuff brought along - my special needs bag or drop bag, my "treatment" bag, my food stash, extra shoes and clothes, etc. Hahaha
Yeah, it did feel weird just going out for a race without all those extra baggage that I'd bring for long hours races.
Anyway, as a treat for both Hubby and Son for being up so early on Sunday; I treated them with breakfast at Plan B.
They had their usual :
Smoked salmon and salsa for Son.
BIG Breakfast for Hubby.
I nicked his cappuccino though. As always. ^^
And I thought I'd try their Japanese Breakfast box.
Well, I didn't like my choice.
One, I don't like the fact that the salmon has the skin side up.
The brown rice wasn't too exciting.
But other than that, it was OK. Just passable for a Japanese breakfast fare. I've had better ones.
It was nice to enjoy a leisurely breakfast with the family once in a while, especially as we (Hubby and I) aren't out for our long training runs.


  1. something out of norm would be Mak Glam is not running lah, hehe!! 10K, "sap sap sui" to Mak Glam only lah.. hihihi!!!

    I didn't know they have Japanese breakfast in Plan B!! haha, okay, message well noted from Mak Glam.. I'll stick to the big breakfast only.. ^^

    1. I also only noticed the Japanese bento addition.
      Since it's new, thought I'd try it.

  2. Huh, don't know that Plan B has Japanese bento, always thought they only serve western food. From this I guess they should work harder on that or just concentrate in western food part, guess that should be fine!

    1. Their local choices not too bad either, right?

      But I do like their Japanese salad.

  3. When i saw the picture and have not read yet, i was thinking what's that, so it's salmon...

    1. They put the wrong side up.
      Not an attractive presentation.

  4. 10k is like kacang putih to you now. Now must aim higher already la.

    I like the food in Plan B. The portion is a bit too big for me. Need kaldip help to fininsh

    1. Wahhhh Mamarazzi is such a small eater!

      I wallop everything one. Lol

  5. I was going to say, that piece of salmon looked utterly unappetizing, like a piece of sh.... never mind...

    1. They shouldn't have put the skin side up.

      X pandai betul. Huhu


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