A Stroll In Taman Wawasan Putrajaya

We haven't been spending much time outdoors, enjoying the many parks Putrajaya has to offer like we used to lately.

But we managed to do it over the Chinese New Year weekend, for a nice stroll at Taman Wawasan Putrajaya. 

The park is located sandwiched between the Custom Dept & MOF on one side and Wisma Putra on another.

We used to frequent this park quite a bit because of its accessibility (we would park under the bridge near the PjH building) and start our stroll there.

Taman Wawasan has plenty of hills and stairs for a nice workout and I used to do my hill session there, in the otherwise flattish route around the core island of Putrajaya.
 A nice jog by the lakeside before we head up the hilly section of Taman Wawasan.
I've written about the many plants and trees around Putrajaya and of course the fruits those trees bear. It's always quite fun to go around Putrajaya, see the locals trees that were being planted (some are not familiar to most of us) and of course, marvel at their fruits too!

But why lah, the durian trees planted there never seem to bear fruit? Hahaha
 This time we just picked up some biji getah for fun. ^^
And got excited to see banana tree!


I'm kinda miss going to Taman Rimba Alam too... There are lots of trees there and of course, one can enjoy the greenery there.


  1. Very nice place to go for morning walks. Eh, that biji getah reminds me of my childhood days when I used to play with those!

    1. Can relive them and go find them in Putrajaya now! LOL

  2. Has not been doing park connector walk for quite sometimes, miss it...

  3. That is a nice park. I have not been there before though I have walked around the main lake (I think it is the main lake) in Putrajaya.

    1. There are quite a number of parks in Putrajaya. So can explore next time you come visit the lake. :)

  4. Your heart is filled with the mother nature's warmth and beauty. That's why you miss them always. Go every weekend and say hello.

  5. I like where the park planted fruit trees and we get to pick some. Lol.

    It is good to have a stroll, breathe some fresh air and enjoy what nature has got to offer.


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