Affordable Western Fares At Dapoq Street

It was by chance that we stumbled upon this restaurant in Alam Damai Cheras. We actually went there looking for Laksa Sarawak but alas, the stall wasn't open and we were driving around and decided to try out this place. 
 We were there just after Maghrib prayers and fret not... the place also has surau available for patrons.

Customers were coming in steadily that night so I guess the shop is quite well-known although they've only just relocated to the current shop late last year.
What piqued our interest was their promo outside their shop for their budget chicken chop and fish & chips at RM5.90.
The budget fish & chips. It uses those frozen fish fillets type la...

Hubby wanted a light dinner so he ordered this.

For RM5.90, OK what.
Son ordered the Spicy Black Panther set. For RM13.90, it came with curly fries (doused in cheese sauce no less) and ice lemon tea.

Good value.

Be warned. The Spicy Black Panther burger which is a chicken burger is really spicy! 
I ordered the Supreme Beef burger. It was served with fries (and cheese) and came with root beer float. It's more expensive that the Spicy Black Panther Burger at RM15.00.

The burger had a nice 'homemade'-ish beef patty, topped with salami (or some cold cuts) and cheese and were liberally given a black pepper + mayo + chili (?) sauces.

I'm not one who likes having too much sauce in my burger so I find that unnecessary and overwhelming. And it made the bun soggy.

But then, I know others love having sauces on their burgers, unlike me. ^^
Our dinner cost us a 'mere' RM34.80.

If we were to return, I want to try something else. And I have to ask them not to give me too much sauce lah! Hahaha

If anyone keen to try Dapoq Street, you can find their details in their FB page or IG @dapoqstreet.
Cari sendiri, ok? 


  1. Hmmm, I like banjir for nasi lemak or roti canai, I don't want soggy burgers, food presentation is important πŸ˜‚

  2. I would say a Happy family meal for RM34.80 is cheap. That chicken chop is the cheapest I have ever heard. Now I am curious how Alam Damai looks like as I don't recall passing it.

    1. It's those new shops located up on the hill one. On left side, if coming from Balakong.

  3. My eyes played tricks on me. I read "western wares at dapoq street" and I thought you went to buy kitchenware (peralatan dapoq) at dapoq street. LOL!

  4. I ve tried eating here in several occassions already. Been around that place quite a few times till one sweet day when i came down from the Ceragem Health Centre, i dint even know that place exist! It was the God's plan for me to try the foods here. Wow! My little son a.k.a my bff like almost all the foods here. The most important the prices are affordable. Hope no price increase after the positive comments from the customers ye boss he3. May God bless the owner n his/her family for being good n kind to serve good foods at the affordable prices! πŸ˜ƒ


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