Shoe Shopping!

I wrote about how my tapak kasut went off during my run in Bukit Jalil Half Marathon last week. It is now inevitable I buy new pairs of shoes.

Actually, I need to replace almost all my shoes that is in rotation right now. I think each of my adidas energy boost and my two ultra-boost have each more than 700km clocked in!

adidas boost shoes are not really cheap nowadays with a pair of the latest boost ranging from RM650 to RM850.00. *gasps*

But because the model really 'ngam' with me, I just need to look for older model la... Can't afford to but 'New Arrivals' punya...
Lucky me, I found this new model of energy boost at Al-Ikhsan in Alamanda Putrajaya at a 'mere' RM459.00! It is still being sold at RM650 at other shops.
And this old model of revenge boost (it's a 2016 model, if I'm not mistaken) is sold at RM199.50 at Why Pay More.


I do put in a lot of miles to my shoes so it is really important for me to find a good shoe that fits me. For running, I cannot simply choose one pair of shoes on sale and use it. Some shoes very not ngam one and can cause injuries.


  1. I agree with you that shoes aren't cheap, especially sports shoes. But it is important to change once a while since you overwork them. Unless me, my running shoes can last me long since I don't cover that much of mileage.

  2. Omg u cray, 700km mileage for a shoe. I think mine ada yang over mileage but I dun think it reaches 700km 😂 bitalso overpronating doesn't help coz kasut cepat ancur. U know I bought New Balance Zante v3 blum 1 tahun dah haus. Sakit jiwaku.

    1. Last beli kasut was in 2015. But didn't really feel overuse sbb I rotate 4 pairs of shoes :P

  3. I agree that it is worth spending a bit more to get a good pair of shoes.


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