Lunch At Manhattan's Fish Market

We had a quick lunch at Manhattan's Fish Market about a month ago and I finally got around posting about it. Hahaha

Nothing much to rave or critic about lah...

Service was okey, depending on which staff attended to us that day. The one who took our orders were great. The one whom we asked for a replacement fork wasn't. He actually sulked! @.@


We ordered from the set lunch which was a pretty decent deal. We paid RM30++  (if I remember correctly) and we get to choose one side (I chose soup) and one drinks with our mains.

This was Salmon & Mash.
And this was Mediterranean Baked Salmon. Didn't look half as good as the one in the menu (what does anyway, right?) but taste quite OK.
Our drinks that came with the set.

Good value since we have a lot of options for the drinks and I ordered one that was RM13.90. Hehehe
And we close our lunch with desserts.



  1. Salmon is my favourite fish (when eating fish of course).

  2. I don't remember when the last time I went to Manhattan for its fish. Lol.

    1. Me either. Until this visit lah. Lol

  3. Sudah lama haven't been there. Quite a good deal with drinks and dessert.


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