Kittens Update

Much to our relief, the two kittens managed to get reunited with their mom, after many sessions of sniffing and tentative checking on the kiddos.
It's bitter sweet though.

Even though I just cared for them for 24-hours, I've already missed them.

But as Hubby said, I missed them this much, just imagine how the Mommy cat felt when her kittens got into trouble or went missing.

I had broached the idea of letting the family sleep in our front yard area with free access to come in and out (we can't fully adopt them as we only spent a few hours a day at home and we really don't want them to be confined in a cage, in a house).

Let's see how it goes...

One important action that we need to do, neuter that one male cat that was dumped and had impregnate a few female cats in the area.

During this time la, I wish I have a Selangor IC. Selangor born residents can apply for subsidy to neuter cats or dogs (pets or strays), and up to 5 animals per week, if am not mistaken. This is a great move and can help curb the population of strays, IMHO.

Of course, people should stop abandoning their pets!

I'll write about the stray dogs in my area some day. Not complaining about them, because the ones near my area were cared and fed for by the residents and our apartment's and the gated housing area next to our apartment guards. The dogs have now breed but they don't harass anyone or chase anyone and learn to leave hikers (we live next to the road leading up to a hill with some trails) too.


  1. It is a big responsibility to keep pets. I prefer no pets as already hands full with 3 kids at home.haha. Maybe one day when all kids grow up and I feel bored. Maybe I will keep a pet. Either dog or cat.

    1. It is indeed.

      For us, it is not so much because we wanted to, but those few that we took home were all rescued, either abandoned kittens or kittens in distress.

      Unfortunately for me, I have absolutely no interest in breed cats. :P

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  3. Great that it all ended well!

  4. Good to hear that the kittens are reunited with their mother. I hope the mother can find proper shelters and food for her kittens.


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