Press Release: MISFIT2018

Shah Alam, 1st March 2018 - It is with great excitement, we announce Malaysia International Sports & Fitness Fair (MISFIT 2018) debuting from 3rd– 5th August 2018 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur and 5th - 7 th October 2017 at The Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Johor Bahru. MISFIT2018 will be the first and largest sports, fitness, wellness and health exhibition to be held in Malaysia.
MISFIT2018 aims to make Malaysia as a sports hub, a sporting nation, encourage sports tourism and ultimately create a healthier society. It is designed to be an annual event to pursue a goal of bringing together major players in the sports, fitness, wellness and health industry. This includes local & international industry professionals, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, retailers of:

 Sportswear & accessories
 Sports equipment & facilities
 Sports education & school
 Sports tournament & event
 Sports energy & health food
 Sports rehab & relax
 E-sports

There will be 212 exhibition booths in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur and 150 booths in Persada, Johor Bahru. MISFIT2018 is an international consumer and trade fair (B2B and B2C); hence a great platform that unites sports enthusiasts, health & fitness promoters and sports educators to sustain the industry's ever growing eco system.

With the team’s previous experience of organizing successful exhibitions, we are confident and expecting a crowd of 60,000 local and international high-quality visitors.
Program Highlights

Among the program highlights during MISFIT three exhibitions days are:
 Women Fitness by Joanna Soh, awarded “Health & Fitness” influencer in Malaysia at the Influence Asia Awards 2017
 Yoga with Atilia Haron, Celebrity Yogis & Singer
 Sports & Fitness Celebrity Guru; Nana Al-Haleq & Linora Low
 Running man Family Series
 Celeb & Athlete Auction - with 30 celebrities auctioning their personal belonging
 Fashion Show - Muslimah Sports, Kids and What's in 2019
 Talk Show - I am My Own Hero brought by ZuriatCare;
Day 1: Yasmin Hani, Prof Dr Muhaya, Adam Corrie ;
Day 2: Amin Idris, Farah Nabilah, Ann Najwa;
Day 3: Mizz Nina, Daphne Iking , Alif satar
 Dialogue- Raising Your Winners From Home
 Talk Show - Chill with Mizz Nina,
Day 1: Family & Sports;
Day 2: Physical & Wellbeing;
Day 3: Food & Fitness
 MISFIT cup – Street soccer tournament with refugee, junior and extraordinaire category
 Be Active with Celebrity Fitness
 Happy Hour Sale
 Dodgeball
 Forum – Biomechanics, How To Bounce Back From Injury

MISFIT2018 Campaign
MISFIT2018 CSR’s program in partnership with NGO bodies is a campaign to STOP RAPIST IN THE HOUSE. This campaign is timely due to the increasing and prolific number of cases happening which is damaging our society and needs to be stopped immediately. This campaign aims to create awareness on this issue, prevent future cases happening by educating the society and assist current victims by promoting current platform which is available such as Talian Kasih, 15999. Among the celebrities who are involved in this campaign are Alif Satar, Dato Jovian Mandagie, Professor Dr Muhaya, Mizz Nina, Diana Amir, Adam Corrie, Amber Chia, Daphne Iking, Imam Muda Asyraf, Syarifah Shahirah, Yasmin Hani, Azizah Ariffin, Amin Idris, Fariha Razak, Farah Nabila, An Najwa, Syed Azmi, Bella Yunus, Farrah Lee, Dayah Bakar, and many more.

Among some of the ways we are campaigning
 School Talk: Delivering information to children on various form of sex abuse, how to protect themselves and who to talk to.
 Sugar (1kg)/Rice Campaign: Provide information to parents on family manners and reporting platform.
 Celebrity Speak Up: Viraling campaign through various social media sites which will impact the public.
 Media Interview: Deliver campaign information nationwide.
 Compilation of NGOs: Provide victims with extensive list of Help Directory.
 Malaysian International Sport And Fitness Fair (MISFIT): Healthy body is a healthy mind.
Malaysia first and largest sports, fitness, health and wellness fair.

Our utmost gratitude to our collaborators; Media Prima Berhad, Kumpulan Media Karangkraf, Kolej Komuniti, Sisterhood Alliance, Malaysians Against Pornography, ZuriatCARE, Grandlens Production, MARA, SME Corp, Redbull, PUMA, New Balance, Celebrity Fitness and many more.

We look forward to extend the collaboration further with other government organization, media, NGO and industry influencers.


  1. I didn't know there is such exhibition there. Nice. Good news to all the fitness and health freaks with some many booths to check out.

  2. Wah. A chance to buy stuff at cheaper prices.

  3. This event sounds big and exciting. The name MISFIT is cute.

  4. I always love sports fair but will also spend a lot there :(

  5. Always love sports fair! xoxo

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