Bukit Jalil Half Marathon 2018

I did my third half marathon for the year at Bukit Jalil Half Marathon last Sunday. I've always liked the Bukit Jalil route and had joined it in 2013 (when it was called Brooks Half Marathon), 2016 & 2017.

There's a slight change on the route this year compared to last year and it did make the run more interesting as we weren't running the same route over and over, year by year.
Photo credit: SS Leong
Because of the small area at the Start/Finish line, female runners were flagged off 10 minutes earlier than the male category.

It was published in the race guide and it was announced over and over and over again by the emcee yet some runners were still clueless about it. Haih.

The traffic control by traffic police, police (or polis bantuan?), RELA and marshalls were awesome! Every single junction was manned and they ensured that traffic was managed.

Sure, at certain big junctions we had to wait for the police to let the vehicles pass through first before us runners could continue our run, but no biggie. Better slow than sorry!

The crew and marshalls in Bukit Jalil Half Marathon were seasoned runners and they are older. Compared to much younger volunteers and crews you see at other races, the ones at Bukit Jalil Half Marathon have more energy and enthusiasm! 

Thank you all for the encouragement!

I was just plodding along, as I don't have any target time and I did told Hubby that I plan to do it in 3-hour! Hahaha

Anyway, just as I reached KM8 mark, I felt and heard this "phlep phlep" sensation and sound on my right foot. Turned out that the "tapak" of my right shoes had half came off. 

It was distracting not to mention irritating so when I reached KM9 (3rd water station), I asked for a scissor from the medic who was stationed there and cut the offending tapak. OK, time to buy a pair of new adidas! *sponsors welcomed*

A few friends passed by and said hi as I continued to plod along slowly.

Finally I finished the run, keypoh at the booth set up after we crossed the finish line to scan the QR code to get our results immediately. Then, after collecting my medal and finisher tee, it was a beeline for the cendol (taufufah had finished when I got there) and also ate lots of watermelons!

It was a good run and I was glad I did it because I initially thought of just "sambung tidur"when I woke up. So lazy to go run! LOL
Some photos taken at the Finish line of Bukit Jalil Half Marathon can be viewed Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura FB page. There are 3 albums in total.

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  1. I could guess the reasons you liked this Bukit Jalil routes from the map. It passes through so much greens and nice residential areas.

  2. Good not to rush and push yourself too hard. Just take your time.

    Salute your perseverance. 3rd half marathon of the year. Wow! More to come, I bet.

    1. Need to push la, by right. Anything above 3hrs is actually quite malas dy. Lol

  3. Alamak, mo beli kasut baru dahhh. How long does ur shoes last btw? My new balance nda sampai 1 tahun haus dah. I never run this route, need to do a lot od strengthening dulu baru pelan pelan pikir lari jauh jauh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Lama dy. More than 3 years lol.
      I don't change often now that i don't do ultra.

      & i used to have like a dozen in rotation. Wakaka

  4. Good to hear you finished the run despite the sole of one of your shoe decides to go flapping in the wind. Hahaha, I was one of the cars you all have to stopped for. I saw this half marathon going on when I passed by that area.

    1. I hope you were not too pissed off for the early morning jam! Hahaha

    2. not at all. :) Really impressed with all the runners determination.


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