100% Trusted Goodness From New Zealand With Fernleaf UHT Milk

Thanks to Fernleaf Malaysia, I received an awesome bag of Fernleaf UHT milk goodness to enjoy.
Even the furkids got super interested in them. Hehehe

Apart from enjoying the bag of Fernleaf UHT milk goodness, I also learned some facts about Fernleaf and their milk which is made from 100% milk from New Zealand.

At Fernleaf, their cows are at the heart of their dairy farming business and farmers take their welfare very seriously.

Due to climate, New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where dairy cows can graze outdoors almost all year round on high quality fresh grass that gives them the best from nature to produce nutritious milk. Their well-cared-for cows fed with natural grass are healthy cows; and healthy cows produce high quality nutritious milk.

New Zealand is a country with fertile soil, excellent rainfall and abundant sunshine, making it one of the best places in the world to produce milk.

With high quality grass, cozy climate, clean air and water, Fernleaf's happy cows produce milk naturally without needing any form of milk booster.

With over 140 years of experience in dairy farming, Fernleaf farmers’ heritage and expertise have made New Zealand a world leader in dairy today.

That is why the taste of Fernleaf UHT milk is 100% Mmmmm...

And my family agrees!
Remember I had just finished my marathon in Hokkaido, Japan 2 weeks ago?
After a hard session of training and running, milk (or more famously, chocolate milk) is great as a recovery drink. It is said that the combination of carbohydrates and protein in low-fat chocolate milk appears to be "just right" for refueling weary muscles. I love milk so no complaints about drinking them for recovery for me!

But truthfully, I always prefer full cream milk myself. How about you?

Apart from having 1L milk packs stocked up in our home, we also stock up on the smaller 200ml packs for Son to take one pack every morning and drink them while on his way to school. It's a good quick breakfast option that's really, really healthy, no? Not everyone is in the mood to eat much so early in the morning so milk is great for Son to enjoy for his weekdays breakfast.

Drinking one today is great, after being out to celebrate Malaysia's Hari Sukan Negara which is today as it falls on the second Saturday in October!

Did you guys get active today to celebrate Hari Sukan Negara today?

Anyway, it would be great if I can visit New Zealand, run in a race there, then maybe afterwards do a farm tour and selfie with some healthy, happy cows too!  Then, it'll sure be 100% Mmmmm.,..


  1. Moo moo. Hope your wish come true , to visit those dairy cows. Hehe.

    I do drink milk but not everyday. Sometime I would get milk intolerance and stomach upset so I don't get to drink it much.

  2. I am a milk addict since I was a baby and my size speaks for himself. LOL
    I try to avoid milk as advised for those over 30s.... Now I am keen to try Fern Leaf brand for my own curiousity's sake! LOL


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