Dinner At Mr Tuk Tuk

We decided to try the newly opened Mr Tuk Tuk at Mid Valley last Friday and it was really a great timing too because the lady boss (I presumed) was there to oversee the outlet.

So that meant, service became top-notch. 

I remembered just a few days earlier, I went there to scout a place to have lunch for a big group, the staff just let me browse the menu by myself and didn't even bother to check or chat with me. So I decided to book a place at Madam Kwan's instead. 

Anyway, since service was great last Friday (the lady boss even held my chair for me to sit down) and the other staff became really attentive, we decided to give it a try.
I ordered Beef Basil with Rice. The beef was really nice and tender and the basil fragrant and sweet. But it doesn't have a kick as it's not hot, there weren't any of cili padi in it.

If you've tried the ones at Streat Thai, you know that one has crazy loads of cili padi in it!

Portion was good and priced at RM11.80, it was a pretty good deal. But I still like the one sold at our neighbourhood kedai tomyam better (at RM8.00 without fried eggs on it). Ya, makcik kedai tomyam food are expensive but portion is big and sedap.

Hubby compared the food here to the ones we ate in Thailand and of course, this one couldn't compete with that too. LOL
Hubby ordered Green Curry Beef and Rice. The green curry was priced at RM 9.80. Quite OK but again, not spicy.
The saving grace for any hot or spicy food lovers will be the Som Tam (RM9.80). Yes, finally. An eye-watering, really hot spicy dish. And so addictive to eat.

Thumbs up to their som tam.
Son ordered Tom  Yam Fried Rice (RM9.80) and Thai Ice Green Tea (RM8.80) and I ordered the Fresh Banana Mango (RM9.80) which was perfect to counter the heat of the som tam I ate.

Unfortunately though, the Fresh Banana Mango didn't really have a fresh taste as the mango tasted overripe.
The best deal for drinks would be this Thailand Tea (RM2.50 per pot). They used loose tea leaves and not the ones in tea bags. For one pot, Hubby managed to get three cups of tea with it.

Pity I'm not too crazy for jasmine tea taste otherwise, I'd order this myself too.

All in all, it was a good experience because the service was crazy awesome that night.

The bill came to RM72.40. Pretty much because the drinks are so expensive (what's new) but quite decently priced la...

The outlet only accept cash so if I am to bring a big group here, I have to make sure I made some cash withdrawal first lah. 


  1. Ah, I have seen Mr Tuk Tuk at Midvalley or rather the Gardens. Cash only outlet? I wonder whether they accept Boost or Favepay as most cash outlets accept these two alternate forms of payment.

  2. The food is good, right? The service at the one at Starling is quite OK but I have not visited in a while because at one time, I went there so often hah..hah.. Glad you had a great meal.

    1. Good but not great but at the price they offered, it is quite a good deal and much affordable than Absolute Thai for instance.

  3. My man would love the green beef curry. Look authentic and love that the staff was friendly and attentive.

    Service is as important as food and quality.

    1. But I hope the service is as good when the boss isn't around too...

  4. So expensive the drinks. Neways, Thai green tea is good every now and then. It doesn't have the bitter taste of japan green tea that I love but it's good. And going to a restaurant or a cafe with bos/manager in is always good. Hehe.

    1. Ya, always good to go when boss is around hehe


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