Free SIM Card With WAmazing!

When the family visits Japan, we don't usually get our own pre-paid SIM card or pocket wi-fi, simply because many places in Japan provide free wi-fi access. In outlets, mall, and even in certain trains, temples and shrines!

Admittedly, it can be a tad inconvenient when you need a data connection and didn't have any and had to search for a place with connection.

Although it had never been that big of an issue for us, for our recent trip, we solved that issue with an App called WAmazing. WAmazing not only allows us to book hotels at the lowest prices and reserve activities, but we also got a free SIM card.

Yup, WAmazing offers free SIM card 500 MB of data traffic. It may not sound like much, but we only used it when there's no free wi-fi connection and the 500 MB lasted us the whole 5 days of our trip. And it's a huge help especially as we are the type that will meander outside city areas and go for a hike.

We downloaded the WAmazing App before making our trip, choosing our arrival airport and the airport that we will be leaving from and the dates of our arrival and departure.

We then received a QR code which we then used to scan at the WAmazing machine located at the arrival hall to redeem our free SIM card.
Scanning the QR code we received at the machine.

We collected our free SIM card at Haneda Airport and the WAmazing vending machine is located at the Tourist Information Centre.
After scanning the code, just select the button where SIM cards are still available.

And collect it.
The Free SIM card packaging. It comes with English instructions.

If the 500 MB data is not enough, you can of course purchase additional data anytime.

This is a perfect option for light users like us. 


  1. thanks for letting us know about this free sim card.

  2. This is useful info for my next trip to Shikoku.
    Previously it was easier to get free WiFi around Tokyo as taught by my Japanese friend there. He told me to simply connect free WiFi from the sky in many areas which were unknown to tourists. I think I spent a lot of time standing outside Starbucks to steal free WiFi. There's a Japanese nickname for such thieves. Lolol


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