Thursday, 4 September 2008

It's Our Wedding Anniversary Today

Hard to believe we've been married for nine years. Happy Anniversary to us!

It's actually been 13 years of madcap adventures with Zaini, although we've mellowed down now that we're old and craggy. Hehehe...

I still remember our first date was watching a Bond movie, Goldfinger. It was raining that night and we watched the movie at The Rex Cinema in Petaling Street.

I remember I cried when the Kadi (who solemnised our marriage) asked me to read the speech prepared before I signed the marriage papers. My father cried too. We bawled so much we can't talk. I also remember how handsome Zaini looked wearing (the one and only time ever) Baju Melayu complete with songkok and sampin that day.

And I remembered we had food poisoning the day after our wedding. Hahaha... I spent my honeymoon suffering stomach pain in Terengganu! And our second day of marriage was spent picking up Zaini's cousin's son from their hometown nearby and brought him back to Kuala Lumpur.



  1. Happy Anniversary Lina!! And here's wishing you and Zaini more wonderful years and anniversaries to come!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Hope there is many more :)

  3. happy anniversary! wishing you more blissful years together.


  4. Happy Anniversary and congrats to you for 9 years of marriage! It's nice to read about your first date and your wedding. These are indeed memories to treasure.

  5. @Sue, Liza & foongpc,
    thanks! :-)



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