Feeling Down

These past few days, I am feeling a bit down. (Not yesterday because yesterday was a special day) :-)

Caught the flu and has been having blocked nose and sore throat. Ugh... I spent Tuesday on medical leave and just sleeping at home.

My notebook too caught a bug. I've been unable to browse anything from Friday last week until yesterday night and of course I was unable to do any dropping from Entrecard. Hopefully, no more problem this weekend as I am loss without my notebook and being online!


  1. Have a good rest and get well soon :)

  2. hi lina! i'm sorry to hear about the flu, i hope you're feeling much better now. by the way, i have posted the award. thanks again and please take a rest ;)

  3. Aw. Hope you feel better now, and hope that the laptop is okay too!
    I know that I would just DIE without mine!! ;)

  4. Hello,

    Just dropping by. I hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful weekend.


    Anah of whatsdabuzz.com

  5. thanks everyone! lucky the weekend is here and I can stay put at home.

  6. Looks like we bloggers just cannot live without our computers/laptops and internet : )
    Get well soon!


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