Chicken Floss Bun

I love chicken floss ever since I was small. When I was in primary school, I used to buy a packet of chicken floss almost daily from a local tuck shop. Haven't seen one for ages, up till a couple of years ago Bread Story and now Bread Talk (and almost every other bakery in town) came out with this chicken floss bun.

I guess the malay version of chicken floss would be the serunding, which is a bone dry, shredded version of another malay dish, rendang and can be kept for long period of time. What is rendang? A spicy dish of beef, mutton or chicken (meat, essentially) cooked with coconut milk and spices - galangal, ginger, tumeric leaf, lemon grass and chillies.

Photo : the spicy chicken floss bun. It's yummy!


  1. I love the ones sold at Bread Talk, especially if they are piping hot! The spicy variety, however, is abit over the edge, for me at least.

  2. @CK,
    I agree. That's why there are people willing to wait for the fresh ones to come out.
    The spicy one is actually not that spicy,for me at least. :D


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