Taman Warisan Pertanian

On weekends, we love to visit nearby parks especially around Putrajaya. There are several parks here (Putrajaya residents are so lucky to have so many parks virtually at their doorstep!) for us to enjoy. I posted about visiting Taman Botani (Botanical Park) earlier. Now, it's about Taman Warisan Pertanian.

Taman Warisan Pertanian (Agricultural Heritage Park) is located in Putrajaya, about 12km from our home in Balakong. Here, we were able to see typical fruit trees available and popular in Malaysia such as Nangka (Jackfruit), Mata Kucing (a subspecies of longan family), ciku (sapodilla), rambutan, kedondong, delima (pomegranate), nona (custard apple), the mighty king of fruit - durian, banana, pineapple and even a couple of dragon fruit trees! A herb and spices track is here for visitors to check out with lemon grass, kaffir lime, curry, ginger, tumeric plants and many more.

There is also a rubber plot here for visitors to learn more about the rubber industry.

Kind of cool to bring foreign visitors and friends here to see our local agriculture heritage, don't you think?
Under a kedondong tree. Kedondong can be eaten fresh or pickled. Either way, it's yummy!

Under a durian tree

Ciku tree

Mata Kucing tree


  1. A nice place to visit and I love kedondong juice..yum!

  2. @MBL,
    I've never tried kedondong juice. :-)

  3. I've never been there, but I love all these parks. The one I've been to is Taman Cahaya in Shah Alam. Actually I've been to some parks in Putrajaya, but cannot remember the names! : )

  4. @foongpc,
    would you believe that I've never been to Taman Cahaya? My loss. :D
    One thing about parks here in Malaysia, we are not encouraged to sit/lie on the grass. A pity. :-(


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