Beach Photos

Some beach photos I took in Terengganu.

Batu Buruk (trans: Ugly Rock?) Beach. Virtually deserted as the public are not allowed to swim here. Some fatalities occurred in the past here, but it is still a place for people working around here to catch some rest and naps in their car, parked under the tree

After our mad shopping at nearby Pasar Payang (Payang Market) which sells everything from vegetables to expensive fabrics like batik and songket, we let Raimie blew some bubbles at the Batu Buruk Beach

Beach near Grandma's house. We pretty much had the place to ourselves
Seashells on the beach

Footsteps in the sand


  1. That's nice! I mean the beach with no one around! I always like the beach all to myself. haha!

  2. @foongpc,
    yeah, nice to have a quiet beach for yourself (& partner, of course!) :-)


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