Eating My Fill of Petai

Petai can be eaten raw, cooked or pickled in brine. It is eaten with rice as part of the dishes for lunch or dinner.

Petai pickled in brine

I normally cook petai with anchovies or prawns, though sometime I like them cooked with tempoyak (that's fermented durian).

Petai for cooking is either peeld off its skin (photo) or can be cooked with its skin. If cooking with the skin, the skin has to be scraped off (so that the dark green of the skin peel off leaving the softer light green part and it has to be cut in a way the seed is exposed).

Some people say that the smell that you have after eating petai will not be so offensive if you cook it with its skin.

Cooked sambal petai. Sambal means it is cooked with chilli paste as one the main ingredients and is a spicy dish.


  1. i think this is something one needs to be exposed to when young otherwise it's just too overwhelming... Me for example: I love durian, but don't like it in most of its processed forms. I looooove hot spicy foods, sambal belacan, yummy!! But petai??? Can't bring myself to have it, LoL!

  2. @Lynne,
    Yeah, not everyone likes petai. But, just one bite? For me? Hehehe

  3. Very interesting. I have never heard of this.

  4. Recently I tried eating petai with sambal prawns...tasted abit bitter but not too bad. I have never tried eating it raw though....:)

  5. @tammy,
    maybe you can try eat them one day. :-)

    if you fry the petai first before adding it to the sambal, it'll taste less bitter. The raw ones is of course a bit more bitter than the cooked ones.

  6. raw eww... the taste if awful but cooked is nice :) I love it cooked with prawns

  7. I love petai! I like sambal petai and also petai cooked with prawns. I didn't know if you cook petai with its skin the smell will not be so strong - learn something new here : )

  8. @sherry,
    just think of eating them like eating salad. :-D

    I can't vouch for that, but maybe its true since I don't usually cook my petai with the skin (too lazy to scrap the skin)

    meleleh jangan tak meleleh. Hihihi


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