Monday, 1 November 2010

Mall Trawling : Berjaya Times Square

Last Saturday, the three of us went to Berjaya Times Square to buy an item that Raimie had been wanting for quite some time now.
A beautiful kolam greeted us at the lobby area.
I seldom come to this area, because it is way too crowded. I used to love coming to the Bukit Bintang area when I was much younger, but I guess I'm showing my age now. I hate crowds and what with the place full of teenagers, I kinda get headache when I am here during the weekends.
Why were we there? Here's Raimie testing his newly purchase "item". Can you guess what it is?

Then, we decided to have dinner at Wendy's. This was our first visit to the outlet, and truthfully... if not for the wi-fi there (and the place being not too crowded unlike Old Town, Starbucks, etc..) , I wouldn't want to come here again.
My dinner. Caesar salad with spicy chicken. Nothing special about this rather expensive salad. KFC's salad would be a much better choice.
Raimie had cheeseburger, to keep the hunger pangs at bay while playing his Nintendo DSi.
and Zaini had this rather unappetising looking burger.
This is a pet peeve of mine. Whenever we go out to any fast food outlet here, I always marvel at how we Malaysians can make and leave such a mess at the table. We are no angel ourselves, but if we didn't put the tray back ourselves, we at least put everything neatly on the tray for the staff to clear away. How people can be so messy eating a burger is beyond me. Come on... my son makes less a mess when he was a toddler compared to some adults out there!
The reason we were in Berjaya Times Square : purchasing a Nintendo Wii. Why all the way to BTS? Because this is where Zaini buys his games and being a regular, he got a good deal there.

We made a deal with Raimie. If he can manage to get either 100% marks in his exam or failing that; be a top student in at least one subject and promise to finish the workbooks we got for him during the coming school holiday, we'll buy him one. Well, he only got 100% for his English spelling and an almost 100% for a few subjects (but he made careless mistakes in his exams) - but he managed to have highest marks for Science papers so a Nintendo Wii is now safely installed in our home together with a new TV too!


  1. LOL! Certainly no free lunch. For Raimie I mean. Congrats to him for doing so well.

    Since you were at BTS, did you manage to catch the hip-hop Battleground contest just outside the building? I believe it's happening every Sat unless I've been mistaken.

    You're right, food at Wendy's is nothing to rave about. We went there too because it wasn't crowded.

    Btw, there's a chicken outlet there that has a good buffet for a good price. When it first stated, I believe it used to RM19.90 per person but was told it has gone up. They serve mainly chicken but there are others besides. Sorry, don't remember the name though.

  2. Bukit Bintang used to be my haunt in my younger days too but these days I hardly step into the place. Just like you, I must be showing my age :D

  3. @HappySurfer,
    Raimie has to learn that nothing come easy in life. ;)

    No, we didn't even go outside BTS. But there was a crowd there. And also, there's a cosmectic cover girl search going on in the mall that day too.

    A buffet chicken outlet there? Hmmm... maybe we go again, we'll look them up. :)

  4. @Nick,
    Last time, I can spend hours at Sg Wang, now... I'll pass. LOL

  5. The only time I go BTS is to go karaoke at Neways and to shoot pics of Xmas decors, which I guess will be soon : )

  6. Wendy's? I never like it! prefer McD! Haha!

  7. Wah! So happy Raimie! I don't remember I get to go Japan every year and play Nintendo when I was small haha!

  8. @foong,
    I prefer Carl's Jr myself...

    Japan and video games? I never had such luck... The farthest I went when I was small was Singapore. :D Video games? Cannot afford the Atari game that was popular when I was small.

  9. Kolam. It hard to see this kind of thing in Sabah.
    Congrats to Raimie for the new Wii. Just don't forgot your study ya.

  10. been ages i have not been to BTS already, i only go there if i'm going to the karaoke, haha.. well, talking about never clean up the table in fast food restaurant, i remember we have to do this last time but no idea since when there are waiters doing that for us..

  11. @zezebel,
    He definitely won't. We'll make sure of that! *^-^*

  12. @SK,
    You and Foong only go there for karaoke, eh? XD

    Not cleaning up I can perhaps understand since there are waiters on duty for that, but do we really have to be so messy when eating at a fast food joint. If the place is packed, we only cause inconvenience to the next customers who wants to sit there. Don't you agree?

  13. I tend to stay in Berjaya Times Square Hotel when I go to KL for a holiday. The shopping mall is certainly a huge one, with indoor theme park for kids, many shops, restaurants and cinema.

  14. @Denesa,
    It really is a humungous mall. I guess if I were to stay at Berjaya Hotel I won't ever need to step outside! :)

  15. that is one beautiful kolam, very colourful and appealing.

  16. Wahh congratulations to Raimie.. I never have any of those things back when I was still studying, even tho I did good in my exams. :(

    Oh, I don't like Wendy's either. Tak sedap pun. But I tengok ramai juga orang at this place. I don't know why.. And I hate crowds in mall too. I've always hated crowds in malls :P

  17. @LR,
    It is, isn't it? I love the vibrancy of the kolam at BTS.

  18. @Bella,
    Well... we just use him having to get good marks to get the Wii as an excuse. We were going to buy it anyway but didn't want to look like we are giving things so easily to him. *evil parents* LOL
    He has to learn that he need to work to get what he wants in life. ;)

  19. I have visited this post so many times n commented so many times but all the time fail. I feel lucky now :)

    Raimie deserves his just rewards


  20. @Bengbeng,
    The comment is acting up again, I suppose. :(
    But thanks for trying and trying again! :)

  21. That is a beautiful kolam!

    Oh... you are having problems with your commenting system. No wonder my earlier comments didn't appear. :(

  22. We no longer have Wendy's here... I used to order classics, twisted frosty and baked potatoes.

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  24. dad too couldn't resist buying a Wii when they went to Guam just recently. He had so much fun playing there with his brother and nephews.



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