Friday, 12 November 2010

Report Card And TripTo Penang

We've safely made it to Penang. Yeay! The road all the way from KL to the Island was relatively clear so the trip was quite stress-free. ^-^ Raimie was pretty excited when we drove through Penang Bridge and loving looking out at the sights.

We didn't cover much place for sightseeing today. I come from KL and yet, I'm simply flabbergasted with the traffic we encountered in Georgetown! 

Before we started our trip to Penang, we dropped by Raimie's school to pick up his report card and to inform his teacher that Raimie will not be attending the prize-giving ceremony tomorrow.
Raimie and some his classmates, horsing around while his class teacher was meeting and discussing with parents.
Raimie and his best bud; Nicholas. Last year Raimie got second place and Nicholas was third. This year, Nicholas wrestled the second place from Raimie and my son got third place instead. Raimie slid one place down because of his deplorable Malay Language test. He got an A for every subject except Malay Comprehension for which he got a B! Simply deplorable especially when the boy who got 1st place and Nicholas both got As for everything including Malay Language tests even though they are not a Malay!


  1. Raimie did well.


  2. Kudos to Raimie :D

    You mean the jams there are worse than here? LOL!

  3. I'll have to agree about the jams in Penang. I couldn't believe it when we were there last Dec. Plus, the roads are narrow and doesn't look like there's room for expansion. I suppose a Heritage site has a certain requirement to maintain its original state. But whatever, there's a certain old charm in Penang, there's no denying. Enjoy your trip..

  4. @Nick,
    There seems to be non-stop traffic on the road there.

    I was actually afraid to cross the road in Georgetown too! :p

  5. @HappySurfer,
    I totlally agree with you about the road condition in Penang. There is little to do about expansion because of the rows of colonial era shop-houses there but I guess, going down the narrow, one way street roads in Penang is part of the charm there.

    I absolutely love walking around and enjoying the architecture which is way better than driving around the town. :)

  6. still on top of things, great job raimie!

  7. @Ayie,
    Slid 1 place but still the top three. :)



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