Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's A Date

Mommy and Daddy went out to have some fun on Monday and left Raimie behind.

Zaini had to do a site visit on Monday and  was able to get away from the office; and Tuesday being a Public Holiday, asked me whether I was free and able to take the afternoon off. Raimie had to attend school so he had to sleepover  at his Grandad's house while Mommy and Daddy checked-in at Equatorial Bangi. Wohoo!

I guess the staff at Equatorial were used to seeing my son, because they enquired about him and whether he'll be needing an extra bed. No, Son got left behind and it's just Mom & Dad time.

We got a room upgrade, which was nice. That and the fact the front desk staff  (Sukbir & Malina) remembered us and our Son and also Rod who always replied my e-mails promptly even in the middle of the night, make me very happy and special. ^^

Instead of joining the Valentine's Day dinner crowd at the hotel's restaurants, we had a nice, quiet  and simple dinner in our room. It's always better to eat in the comfort of our room than having to go down and dress up! Not to mention cheaper than paying for a couple's Valentine's Dinner set/buffet.

Dinner was simply BBQ burgers and hot chocolates for us.

I tell you, having a "couple-time" without our son once-in-a-while is really nice. Love him we do, but sometimes not hearing his endless chatter can be quite blissful. LOL I enjoyed being able to soak in the tub without him wanting to have his time there too.

I had all these plan of going for a steam-bath, sitting by the pool  and having a drink or two but it turned out we never left our room until check-out!

So, how was your Monday? Good? *^-^*


  1. Sounds like you had a nice couples only Valentine`s Day, which is always nice!!

  2. @Japan Australia,
    It was really nice having the time for just the two of us but our son got the wind of it and we may have to go again and bring him together! :D

  3. romantic! Good for you!

  4. @Happysurfer,
    It was romantic. And I love the couple time we got. ;)

  5. aw, i got all blushed up n cozy just imagining myself in your shoes on that very special day! i agree, sometimes, away from all our close ones, just to be with that someone special, can really give us a huge recharge. :)

  6. @levian,
    What were you thinking, causing you to blush? Hihi

  7. I do agree, once in a while not having the kids around can be refreshing :D Glad you had a great time :D

  8. Wow... so envy! Since my hubby was outstation, I just had to stay at home jaga anak lor!>_<

  9. @Alice,
    Never mind. Can get together with hubby once he came back, right? No need Valentine's Day for that. But leave the two sprouts behind lah... otherwise those two will "kacau" only. Hihihi

  10. Ooh! Must be a really nice couple time for you both without Raimie disturbing! : )

  11. Haha! Didn't leave your room at all? Who wants to leave when it's so cosy and so enjoyable in there? : D

  12. @foong,
    Correct - really peaceful without Raimie that night. ;) And yes, why leave a comfy room when everything can come right into your room. :D



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