Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lake Garden : At The Orchid Garden

As I mentioned in my earlier post about Lake Garden, there are plenty to do and see or visit at Lake Garden, and one of them is the Orchid Garden. It's situated right across KL Bird Park. The garden is not that big but there are enough orchids there for visitors to see.
Rows and rows of orchids. When we were there, not a lot were flowering but enough for me.
There are also plenty of water features here, to cool down the afternoon heat.
and there are also orchids for sale if you wish to bring some back home.
Next, we went to the adjacent Hibiscus Garden. Stay tuned for plenty of hibiscus flower photos! ^-^


  1. my mum is an absolute huge orchid fan! she planted some of the above n hung them around the house. i only enjoy the smell flowers usually gave, especially when you walked among them. but other than that, i'm a total amateur when it comes to flowers. :p

  2. oooh, orchid garden and bird's park.. i thought there's also a butterfly park there right??

  3. haha, well.. just gotta beg my pardon as i told you earlier the very last time i've been to Lake Garden area was like almost 20 years ago.. :p

  4. hmmm, but i'm really not a fans of flower, i might be more interested to see the birds, hahaha!! :D

  5. I'm not much of an orkid fan.. Actually right now I'm not much of any flower fan.. I don't know, I guess maybe as I age I'll appreciate flowers more - or when I have my own house or something..

    Oh, but I love to go to KL Bird Park! Love the peacocks

  6. @levian,
    Wow! Sure nice to enjoy fragrant flowers at your own backyard. :)

    I'm a total nood when it comes to flowers but I do enjoy looking at them. :)

  7. @SK,
    Yup, still got butterfly garden, deer park, bird park, hibiscus garden, all sorts of park/gardens there.

    What type of birds you like to see? The ones wing wings or the ones wearing skirts? :D

  8. @Bella,
    I need to visit Bird Park someday. So far, only visited the free parks at Lake Garden. :D

  9. They should have more orchid varieties at the Orchid Garden.

  10. @Mei Teng,
    That, I agree. The garden is quite small too, don't you think?

  11. My mom's favourite flower-orchid! Whenever I see these uniques and colourful flowers, indirectly it will remind me of my wonderful mommy!;D

  12. @Alice,
    That's a great way to think and be reminded of your mom. :)

  13. Aww... we didn't see half as many blooms when we were there. :( Wait till you see my pictures. You'd be disappointed too. Thanks for sharing.

  14. @Happysurfer,
    Aaah... pity. Well, I can't wait for your posts.



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