Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Simple Meal At Home

Sometimes a really simple  meal is all it takes to open up the appetite. Raimie who usually has a hard time finishing up everything on his plate, ate everything up. What did I cook for the weekend?
Just fish simply grilled with salt, blanched okra & leftover asparagus we still have in the fridge and budu! Budu is a fish sauce and one of the best known fermented seafood products in Kelantan as well as Southern Thailand. It is made from fermented anchovies and taste absolutely awesome eaten with fish and ulam (raw vegetables) & rice. Yummy!

Of course I just love the fact that cooking this way is so easy and fast!
Dinner was simply some pasta in tomato sauce. Bottled Prego sauce with added chicken balls and generous shavings of cheese. This dish wasn't cooked by me though. Zaini cooked this. ಥ‿ಥ

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Madam Kwan's For The First Time

First time for our son, that is.

Hmmm....I have to tell you, taking Raimie out for a meal to a place that offer local cuisine isn't something we do often. He eats out at restaurants, yes; but it's either Western, Japanese or Korean mostly. Local food usually meant either eating at a Mamak place or stalls.

We were undecided where to eat last Friday and out of the blue, Raimie wanted to eat at Madam Kwan's and vetoed out my choice of going to Pasta Zanmai. It's been awhile since I last eaten at Madam Kwan's. I think the last time I ate there was with a blogger friend, Anna who was on vacation in Malaysia. Zaini of course, would go to Madam Kwan's for lunch with his colleagues. He's more high-end than I am! (~_^)

Didn't order anything special for dinner, normal stuff like
Black jelly and soya bean drinks
Raimie was undecided  on what to eat so we just ordered fried rice for him
Nasi Bojari for me and Zaini
Zaini and I have two very different personalities, he's the calm, neat one. I'm the impatient and messy one. And our different personality can be seen even on our dinner plate!
 Which one would be mine? I think it's pretty obvious.
After dinner, we let Raimie go in to the toy store nearby. Poor boy though. He's been conditioned to only see and touch those toys and not expect us to buy any.  We only allow him to buy toys of his choosing once a year, on our vacation. Where? Head to Urutora No Hi if you didn't know the answer yet! (^o^)

There is of course exception to this rule, that's when we decide to give him a treat but he knows its a privilege and not something for him to demand.

We bought him the Nintendo Wii on the condition that he gets either one 100% paper or be the top scorer for one paper on his year-end exam. Even his Disneyland visit came with a condition. Get less than top three placing in class, no Disneyland visit last year! We don't want him to grow up expecting everything be served on  a platter. He has to earn it and work for it.

Anyway, got his mid-term result on Friday. Zaini went and met up with his class teacher while I waited for the UniFi technician at home. Not much issue at school but his teacher did mention that Raimie can be quite noisy at times. His spoken English ability needs to be improved and as does his Malay Language comprehension (imagine that!). We do know that Science and Maths aren't much a problem for our son so no issue on those two subjects. Of course he is quite strong in Islamic studies too. After all, he always emerge top in class in Sekolah Agama. Sorry if I sound like I'm bragging about my son because I am! ಠ‿ಠ

Sunday, 26 June 2011

At The Night Market

Going to the night market, there are two stalls we always made a beeline for.

The ice blended stall for a cup (or two) of ice-blended fruit juice. Here's Zaini with his dragonfruit juice.I  either go for apple or mango usually. With a cup  priced between RM1.50 - Rm2.50, sure beats those sold at those rather posh coffee chains. ;)
and for snacks -  it's either those deep fried chicken or sausage
and this swirly deep-fried potatoes with generous lashings of mayonnaise, chilli sauce and cheese. So sinful  but so yummy!

What's your favourite roadside stall or night market snack? :-)

Friday, 24 June 2011

UniFi Finally

We finally installed UniFi at our home today. The technician were on time and reached our house at the promised time which is 9.00am. 

Both Zaini and I took a day off today because I waited at home for the technician to do the installation and Zaini went to Raimie's school to collect our Son's report card.

The decision to install UniFi was because nowadays we spend more time at home instead of at my FIL's. With more time at home and not only on weekends, installing it makes more sense rather than relying on Maxis or Celcom wireless broadband services like we used to. And with three users at home, one forever downloading, another hooked playing online games and mommy who like to blog-hop - UniFi seems inevitable after using Streamyx. ^^

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hi! My Name Is Lina

No, I didn't attend a group counselling or anything like that. Rather, I went and join a focus group session for a market research company and got paid to talk.

I used to participate actively in this focus group/survey session and didn't mind travelling all around KL to attend them but I stopped after Raimie started Standard One. The session I attended last night was my first in three years! Gosh! I miss making extra income just by talking for a few hours.

When I was active doing this, I attended everything from survey on baby formulas to condensed milk to cars to home furnishings. I like surveys that also includes food sampling because it usually takes about 15-30 minutes and I got to eat the product! Chocolates, ice-creams, biscuits... yummy! And I get paid for it and did actually make good money from it.

Have you attended any before? Or if you haven't, would you like to give it a shot for a bit of extra income?

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Father's Day Weekend

Well, for us it was more like a Father's Day weekend not just a Sunday for Father's Day. *^-^*
We had dinner at Pasta Zanmai on Friday after debating to go for Korean food or western at TGIF. Here's Raimie deciding that his gratin wasn't as enticing as my pizza. What to do? Exchange with dear Son lor... I ate his leftover gratin and he took my pizza. Zaini had his set of unagi and pasta soup or something, all to himself. And he had to help me finish off all the chicken slices that came with Raimie's gratin. I did tell you earlier that I don't like chicken much other than it being fried, didn't I?

Then we head over to Studio R. I guess I am a bit unromantic, because what did I get for Zaini for Father's Day? A Speedo short and a swimming goggles. XD

Remember my previous post on thinking of cooking a wagyu beef steak? Well, we hit the supermarket at 10.00pm so there weren't much choice of meat left. Instead of steak, we decided for a change of menu - we had a a Korean inspired meal at home instead.

Nothing fancy cooked for lunch, just grilled marinated beef with lettuce wraps, stir-fried kimchi with asparagus & tofu and soft tofu stew. The best part of cooking this simple dishes - everything will be wiped clean! Nothing more satisfactory than having your cooking finished up by your loved ones with no lefover, right?

Raimie didn't want to give a store-bought card or buy any presents for his Daddy. So what did he give his Dad? A kiss! I should take the blame for this! He was upset that he didn't get me anything for Mother's Day and I told him I didn't need anything other than his love and I'd be happy if he still hug and kiss me. So, that's what he got for his Daddy too. ^^

Sunday, 19 June 2011

To Raimie's Dad

Happy Father's Day! Thank you for always being there for us and be the rock for both me and Raimie. Where would we be, if you weren't around for us? <3

To my Father - hope you like the little present we got for you! *^-^*

And to all Dads around the world, Happy Father's Day too! :)

Friday, 17 June 2011

What To Cook? What To Eat?

Maybe fish head curry this weekend?

I always need to work out and exercise extra hard over the weekends because of the food I'll be consuming! Oh gosh! Looking at this fish head curry photo which I cooked like, two weeks ago is sure making me crave for some curry. *^-^*

But oh! oh! oh! I may need to cook some steak on Sunday. It's Father's Day on Sunday so I'll have to check the wagyu beef selection over at Jusco tonight. Fish on Saturday, Beef on Sunday - sounds like a good plan for me. :)

What's your plan for the weekend? Eating out and at home?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Weekend Before School Opens

Two weeks of school holiday went by so fast! School's open now and no more holidays until end-of August!

We had planned to go to Cherating for the school holiday but the hotel we wanted to go to was fully booked. Well, it kinda a blessing in disguise (in terms of saving $$$, that is) because we instead booked our flight tickets for our two-weeks' year-end holiday! That holiday will need a lot of $$$ and we have to save a lot for it! 

We went to the zoo earlier and last week, we went to the movies to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. Our initial plan was to watch it at GSC Gardens on Friday but only seats right in front of the screen were left! So, we promised Raimie we watch it later. To be safe, we booked the tickets online and watch it at TGV Cheras Selatan on Saturday instead.
Totally entertaining movie. For those yet to watch it, I highly recommend you to watch it. Plenty of laughter and some teary moments too. Good fun. :)

After watching the movie, we had lunch over at Ichiban Ramen.
I had spicy chicken ramen. I'd either choose this or kimchi ramen when we eat at this place.
Zaini had beef ramen.
and Raimie ate cold soba
My siblings and I decided to buy a TV for our dad for Father's Day, so it was the next agenda after lunch. Nothing too expensive though, just a small TV for him but I do hope he'll like it.

Then, we went to Putrajaya and stopped by my Sis' place. We were there for a couple of hours before going to Alamanda Mall because I wanted to check out the sports store there. Didn't find the running shorts that I had seen at Nike store in Mid Valley at Alamanda store (I was hoping to buy it on weekends to take advantage of Maybank's AMEX 5% cashback promotion on weekends) so I supposed I have to buy it either at Mid Valley or Gardens instead.

Then, for dinner - we head to Taman Warisan Pertanian and made a beeline to the food court there.
ABC for Raimie
and sate Kajang for everyone! Nothing too funky like rabbit or venison or tripe sate this time. Just some beef and chicken sate for us. ^^

So how was your weekend?

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Have A Cuppa

My recent favourite tea - Crabtree & Evelyn's berry tea. Really nice to be enjoyed while relaxing in this hot weather we are having now. I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive to buy them!
And for my coffee, nothing beat Kopi Cap Kapal Api for me! Really "kaw" one! ^^ And after drinking this coffee, a trip to the loo would be in order. Drink and dump. Never fail yet! LOL
I don't drink much coffee at Starbucks now, but I chose to have this dragonfruit & kiwi juice. Nice... But funny, I fork out RM9 for this, yet I complain a lot paying RM2.19 for a bottle of Gatorade. Hmmm...

What's your favourite drink?

Talking about Gatorade, why is it so hard to find them at supermarkets/hypermarkets, especially the flavour that I like? Hmph!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Water, Water, Water

When the sun is scorching hot outside and it's even too hot to be comfortable at home without any air-conditioning, it is so nice to play in water; don't you agree. Nowadays, weekends are spent with a time at the pool with son and hubby. And we usually head to the pool after I had sufficiently cool down after my morning workout. ^^

You know what else would be nice, to spend time over the weekend?
A trip to a waterfall! Gosh, a dip in cold, cold water is so nice during this hot season.
Or.... a lazy day at the beach would be nice too.

Which one would you prefer?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Chocolates, Please!

I'm usually quite good in not indulging too much but once a month, when I'm cranky and PMSing, give me lots and lots of chocolates and I'll calm down.

Oooooo yummy, yummy chocolates. And I'm not sharing! LOL

When all the crankiness subside though, and the pain gone - I'll have to burn all those extra calories gained from eating those sinful chocolates by working-out more! Not that I minded, though. ^^

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some chocolates bars to finish. XD

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Feeling Relaxed

You know what I find very relaxing? Sitting by a stream or river and watching the water flows. No stream or river easily accessible where I live now, but hey! This would do just fine. And the fishes swimming around - icing on the cake!
I need a vacation and our scheduled year-end vacation seem so far away! Gotta be patient. @.@

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Zoo Trip!

Had a trip to Zoo Negara on Monday as both Zaini and I took the day off to spend it with Raimie. The boy had been asking us to take him to the Zoo and despite the scorching weather we're experiencing nowadays, to the Zoo we went.

Actually, once we were at the Zoo, the heat was bearable. The Zoo had plenty of shades and walking under the trees, the heat wasn't felt all that much. Drank plenty of fluids and we were fine.

Of course, this being the zoo, we saw plenty of animals. A lot of them were having their siesta when were there though so there weren't that much animals activities.
Raimie feeding the elephant with a sugarcane. One sugarcane for the elephants cost RM3.00.
Some birds,
The "Pak Belang"having a nap...
a deer having a rest under the "daun keladi"
The hyenas were pretty active though. They were chasing each other around their enclosure.
At the Ape centre, we met a shy Orang Utan who didn't want the attention and over his/her face with banana leaf.
We saw a camel too. And feeding the camel was free!
How nice to be penguins and stay in an air-conditioned room! ^^
Fluids for Raimie. A honeydew bubble tea at RM4 per cup. Earlier, we drank Milo and 100 Plus bought from the vending machines.
There were plenty of vending machines scattered around the zoo and there were also cafes. But the prices can be a tad too high. Nelson's has the most reasonable price of all the cafes in the zoo, in my opinion.
The last agenda for us that day, watching the 3pm animal show. Then, it's time to head home. I almost had  a heatstroke, even though I was sitting in an air-conditioned car, travelling on the MRR2. The sun was just too hot!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Om Nom Nom

What is it with handphones that babies love to gnaw at them? (~_^)
Om nom nom... so fun gnawing at Mommie's phone. Wonder how an iPhone would taste like. (^o^)


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