A Simple Meal At Home

Sometimes a really simple  meal is all it takes to open up the appetite. Raimie who usually has a hard time finishing up everything on his plate, ate everything up. What did I cook for the weekend?
Just fish simply grilled with salt, blanched okra & leftover asparagus we still have in the fridge and budu! Budu is a fish sauce and one of the best known fermented seafood products in Kelantan as well as Southern Thailand. It is made from fermented anchovies and taste absolutely awesome eaten with fish and ulam (raw vegetables) & rice. Yummy!

Of course I just love the fact that cooking this way is so easy and fast!
Dinner was simply some pasta in tomato sauce. Bottled Prego sauce with added chicken balls and generous shavings of cheese. This dish wasn't cooked by me though. Zaini cooked this. ಥ‿ಥ


  1. oh that looks definitely delicious!!!

  2. @SK,
    I can't say whether it was delicious because I cooked it, but we all finish up everything on our plates. :)

  3. Darn, that sure looks mouth watering :D Now you've got me all hungry oredi! LOL!

  4. @Nick,
    Aiyoh, my ikan bakar & bendi rebus also make you hungry ka? XD

  5. Wow, love your plates of the fish dish! Very unique and Japanese! Your fish certainly stood out with tht plating!

    So envy, u gotta very handy and thoughtful hubby!

  6. @Alice,
    We bought the plate for serving fish dishes cooked Japanese style, mostly when I cooked salmon teriyaki, actually. ^^

    But works for serving even ikan bakar! XD

  7. mmm ...... nothing like a simple home-cooked meal. I'm interested in this Budu. Can I get it at any supermarkets in Malaysia eg JB?

  8. pasta in tomato sauce, with chicken balls n cheeeeese! noooo, you make me so wanna eat that, plus now i got so delusional that i wanted you to be my mum as well! ah, excuse me, must be the weekend mood talking. :p

  9. @ECL,
    Shouldn't be a problem finding it, I think. Even Jusco has them stocked up.

    Don't forget to add chili padi, shallots and a bit of lime juice to your budu. It's heavenly that way. ;)

  10. @levian,

    But it wasn't me cooking those pasta dish! It was my hubby! XD

  11. Ooh! Yummy!! You are making me hungry!! At home, I only cook instant noodles! Haha!!!

  12. @foong,
    Yeah, right. You eat so healthy one. No need cooking - eat fruits. XD

  13. Say, the fishes look seriously yummy! In Malay cooking, I always thought you use kunyit on your fish. You don't?

    Is budu quite the same as chinchalok?

  14. @HappySurfer,
    I don't use kunyit. I use it for frying but not when grilling. :)

    Cencalok uses those tiny shrimps (the ones used for making belacan)

    Budu is anchovy based.

    I eat and love both but Zaini doesn't like cencalok! He is very much the East Coast man. XD

  15. hah! that will not pull you out of the picture! a family shall never be broken into parts, so .. i shall take everything i can get! :p


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