To Raimie's Dad

Happy Father's Day! Thank you for always being there for us and be the rock for both me and Raimie. Where would we be, if you weren't around for us? <3

To my Father - hope you like the little present we got for you! *^-^*

And to all Dads around the world, Happy Father's Day too! :)


  1. @Nick,
    Thanks Nick! And Happy father's Day toyou. :)

    Indeed. ^^

  2. Hope you had a great Father's Day weekend :)

  3. @sriyany,
    Just a quiet Sunday each other's company. :)

  4. a belated happy father's day to every dad in the world! ah, if i remember correctly, this is the very first time i get to look at you n your hubby's face! :)

  5. @levian,
    Really? I know I don't post much of my own photos in my blogs but how about Zaini? He is always complaining of my liberal posting of his photos in my blogs. LOL


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