At The Night Market

Going to the night market, there are two stalls we always made a beeline for.

The ice blended stall for a cup (or two) of ice-blended fruit juice. Here's Zaini with his dragonfruit juice.I  either go for apple or mango usually. With a cup  priced between RM1.50 - Rm2.50, sure beats those sold at those rather posh coffee chains. ;)
and for snacks -  it's either those deep fried chicken or sausage
and this swirly deep-fried potatoes with generous lashings of mayonnaise, chilli sauce and cheese. So sinful  but so yummy!

What's your favourite roadside stall or night market snack? :-)


  1. I haven't been to a pasar malam in years. In fact I don't even know where and when all the pasar malam's are these days but I had a great time at Petaling Street last night though :D

  2. @Nick,
    Went to Petaling Street the night before your race? ;)

    Well, I wouldnt have if its not the fact that the Pasar Malam is right at my FILs doorstep! ;p

  3. I like that potato! I had it in Jonker Street punya.. yum yum.. must go back for more! :)

  4. so which night market is this?? i saw KTM tracks at the background, haha..

  5. i just went to the Bangsar one, purposely want to get the nasi lemak, but it's been many times the stall was not open..

  6. i just love that nasi lemak from that stall and that's the reason i went to that night market.. but since now the stall isn't there, no point going also lah..

  7. Dragon fruit juice? O.O I will surely not able to telan that juice la.. The fruit is too pahit for me already.. I long time already never go pasar malam..

  8. You know something, I never even heard of a night market. But it sounds like fun. I haven't heard of dragonfruit either. So your blog is interesting, it shows me new things ...

  9. @Merryn,
    And I must try and go to Jonker Street. ;)

    Can I follow you? XD

  10. @SK,
    It's at Jalan Bangsar. Right in front of Restaurant Muhibbah. :)

    Very observant of you to notice the railways track. ^^

    Maybe your Nasi Lemak seller decided to sell somewhere else? Never mind - much healthier not eating them. XD

  11. @Bella,
    The taste quite OK lah... Some more, they heap in dollops of sugar in that drink. All gone any bitter or sourness. XD

  12. @Jenny,
    You haven't, to both? Aaahhh... then you gotta come and visit Malaysia to experience it! :)

  13. I miss pasar malam :( If I'm really free, I try to go to the Bangsar one coz the Kuey Teow goreng there is delicious!

    And I'm also a fan of sugarcane :)

  14. @sriyan,
    Wah! You and SK likes Bangsar one, eh? ;P

    You make me suddenly crave for fried kuay teow now! XD

  15. i'm definitely one of those who went for the potatoes. some called it the twister, which was quite a disastrous name for a food, don't you think? XD

  16. @levian,
    Twister made me think of a cold drink/slushee. XD


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