Water, Water, Water

When the sun is scorching hot outside and it's even too hot to be comfortable at home without any air-conditioning, it is so nice to play in water; don't you agree. Nowadays, weekends are spent with a time at the pool with son and hubby. And we usually head to the pool after I had sufficiently cool down after my morning workout. ^^

You know what else would be nice, to spend time over the weekend?
A trip to a waterfall! Gosh, a dip in cold, cold water is so nice during this hot season.
Or.... a lazy day at the beach would be nice too.

Which one would you prefer?


  1. I wouldn't mind white water rafting. It could be really fun!

  2. @jellybely,
    I wouldn't mind either! :)

  3. I think I prefer the waterfall cos the beach can be quite hot in this weather! : )

  4. No you're making me long for a holiday!

  5. @foong,
    Hot weather vs cold water. That's a perfect combo, right? :)

    I like the beach in hot weather but don't expect me to move around. You'll find me under the shade, naping. ^^

  6. @Nick,
    I'm making ME want to go for a holiday! XD

  7. Since we always go to the beach at my hometown, I think the falls is going to be splendid this time

  8. @Bing,
    Any near your place. It's great to escape the summer heat! :)

  9. haha, to me i don't care where, as long as there's cooling water for me to dip in..

  10. and best of all, i'd imagine the water is iced, and i am holding a cup of icy cold coca-cola or coconut water with me~~ heaven!!!

  11. @SK,
    Yes, with a cold drink in had, that would heaven! :)


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