Feeling Relaxed

You know what I find very relaxing? Sitting by a stream or river and watching the water flows. No stream or river easily accessible where I live now, but hey! This would do just fine. And the fishes swimming around - icing on the cake!
I need a vacation and our scheduled year-end vacation seem so far away! Gotta be patient. @.@


  1. The only river or stream near my place is the longkang behind my house ... LOL!

    But yeah, I have to agree, nothing beats sitting by a nice quiet river or stream :D

    Go earlier la for your vacation :D

  2. @Nick,
    Tickets booked already. And have to wait for my son year-end school vacation for a lkong trip for us!

  3. Yeah, I too enjoy sitting by a stream or listening to the sound of water flowing.. Makes me feel so relaxed.. Luckily we got fish pond with mini waterfall in our house compound.. So can sit on the swing, check out the pond and feel the breeze.. :)

  4. @Bella,
    Lucky you. :)

    All I have is the apt swimming pool in front of our apt but that is not exactly relaxing. XD

  5. i can't find a stream of river near my house either.. but right behind my house is a stream of "longkang" instead, hahahaha~~ :D

  6. errrr, why would that fish in the pond looks like the icing on the cake to you?? cannot imagine that at all~~ :D

  7. wow, where is your planned destination for the year end?? so envy~~

  8. @SK,
    Your longkang nice or not? LOL

    Year-end is just six months away... have to make plans one! XD

  9. i will be on a vacation soon..

  10. @wenn,
    How nice. :)
    Where to?

  11. I agree. Nothing calming like watching and listening to flowing water :)

  12. @sriyany,
    It sure is, isn't it. :)

    How was your weekend break by the sea, BTW? ^^

  13. It was great! The view was amazing and it felt good just to wake up and look outside at the endless sea.

    Avillion Admiral Cove had great service and their private beach is clean too!


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