Have A Cuppa

My recent favourite tea - Crabtree & Evelyn's berry tea. Really nice to be enjoyed while relaxing in this hot weather we are having now. I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive to buy them!
And for my coffee, nothing beat Kopi Cap Kapal Api for me! Really "kaw" one! ^^ And after drinking this coffee, a trip to the loo would be in order. Drink and dump. Never fail yet! LOL
I don't drink much coffee at Starbucks now, but I chose to have this dragonfruit & kiwi juice. Nice... But funny, I fork out RM9 for this, yet I complain a lot paying RM2.19 for a bottle of Gatorade. Hmmm...

What's your favourite drink?

Talking about Gatorade, why is it so hard to find them at supermarkets/hypermarkets, especially the flavour that I like? Hmph!


  1. My favorite drink these days is Gatorade but I can't go a day without my Nescafe in the morning :D

    Ya, I agree with you that Gatorade is kinda difficult to find. I get my stock at Jaya Grocers which sells it for RM2.10, the cheapest I can find. I love the lemon flavour. Whenever we go there, we'd buy at least 8 bottles cos wifey and me consume it more than we drink water :D

  2. @Nick,
    RM2.10 for Gatorade would be the cheapest for me too!

    RM2.19 at Jusco isn't so bad because since I live nearby I saved on the petrol to go all around buying the drink, but usually can't find the one I like. I like lemon flavour too but it's always not in stock at both Jusco & Carrefour. :(

  3. Yes, the lemon one goes out of stock real fast. Right now I'm drinking the orange one cos the Lemon habis stock ... siggghhh ...

    Carrefour is pretty steep at RM2.30 or was it RM2.40 but no choice la, running out of places to buy already.

  4. @Nick,
    Yeah, if I see any of the lemon ones, Im so going to buy them all! XD

  5. hmmm, not really a fan of tea and coffee, i prefer juice, icy cold juice that can really quench your thirst..

  6. don't really have any drinks in favourite.. as long as nice and right to my mood, then will be my favourite at the moment, haha~~

  7. @SK,
    Juices are definitelt healthier for you too, compared to tea or coffee, eh? XD

  8. you are truly one huge fan of starbucks! i enjoy a hot choco on any days, but you know, we can't have that too often now that we didn't wanna get sick. :p

  9. Freshly-squeezed juices would do the trick for me. My fav juice would have to be avocado juice. Yum!

  10. @levian,
    No lah.. I'm just a huge fan of freebies. ^^
    I can get complimentary drinks there everytime I made a purchase with my MBB AMEX. :)

  11. @HappySurfer,
    Never had an avocado juice before. Is it good? :)

  12. Ohh... I should try your recommended tea one of these days!

    My fave drink? I reckon Chinese tea or coffee!^^

  13. @Alice,
    The red berry tea is very nice and refreshing. :)

  14. I have to try the Crabtree & Evelyn one - didn't know they made tea!

    My fav drink is still Ribena :) (I'm such a kid!)


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