What To Cook? What To Eat?

Maybe fish head curry this weekend?

I always need to work out and exercise extra hard over the weekends because of the food I'll be consuming! Oh gosh! Looking at this fish head curry photo which I cooked like, two weeks ago is sure making me crave for some curry. *^-^*

But oh! oh! oh! I may need to cook some steak on Sunday. It's Father's Day on Sunday so I'll have to check the wagyu beef selection over at Jusco tonight. Fish on Saturday, Beef on Sunday - sounds like a good plan for me. :)

What's your plan for the weekend? Eating out and at home?


  1. it has been eons since i had curry! your photo had me craved so badly for it. beef for father's day sounds nice! can't wait to read all about it! :)

  2. Wah! Wagyu beef for father's day? Awesome! : )

  3. @levian,
    Maybe nothing much or special for Father's Day other than us (me and Raimie) cooking some steaks for Daddy! ;)

  4. @foong,
    Goota see the price of it tonight before deciding. Otherwise, choose less expensive meat lor... XD

  5. Aiyoooo, that pix is making me drool all over my laptop la.

    I'm back to not eating rice and now I'm craving for fish head curry with rice. Evil la you ... LOL!

    I'm actually going to check out the opening of The Running Lab, a specialty running store from Singapore that is opening in Tropicana City Mall on Sunday. What better way to spend Father's day :D

  6. wow, you do seriously can cook huh?? can't believe you cooked that fish head curry..

  7. and the wagyu beef steak sounds so promising.. specially for the Father's Day huh?? i wonder what you had for Mother's Day~~ :p

  8. for me, weekends are always eat-out, because we have home cooked dinner during normal days.. :)

  9. @Nick,
    I cannot live without rice. LOL
    Never mind, can eat the curry with bread, right. XD

    Wah, have fun at The Running Lab! :)

  10. @SK,
    Able to cook and whether what I cook taste good is two different matter. LOL

    Anyway, fish head curry happen to be Zainis favourite so of course have to know how to cook it!

    For Mothers Day the boys served me wagyu steak for lunch too! ^^

  11. I always make a point of working out on Mondays because like you, I tend to eat a lot on weekends. Can't help it, when you're with family, you eat :) Btw, fish curry sounds delicious!

  12. @jellybelly,
    True. When we are with our family, there tends to be a feast, right? Even when eating simple food. ^^

    Fish curry is delicious. Fish head curry is heavenly! The meat at the cheek is the best. ;)


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