A KGB That Has No Spies, No Espionage, No State Secret

When one dines at KGB (Killer Gourmet Burgers) in Bangsar. Hahaha Lame title, I know but just can't resist; what with the name KGB. :P

So here we were for dinner, instead of chowing down McD burgers just around the corner.

The place is located in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar and by the time we got there, seemed like the early dinner gang were already out in full swing as the joint was packed.

Ordered our burgers at the counter and we got our table outside, sitting on plastic bench and table that was set-up a few minutes earlier by the staff. ^^
The burgers of our choice : Animal Style & KGB Spiked

Animal burger consisted of crust seared Grassfed Beef, Mustard grilled, Sharp Cheddar, Caramelized Onions, Shack Sauce
for me, KGB Spiked that has Crust seared Grassfed Beef, Sharp Cheddar, Crispy Beef Bacon, KGB Spicy Sauce. I simply love the crispy beef bacon bits texture in my burger. Yummsss...
Didn't plan to eat all that much (ehem) so the three of us also shared this awesomely delicious and to-die for (I kid you not) kimchi fries with bulgogi beef.
See? See? Kimchi. Bulgogi Beef. On Fries. The sourness of the kimchi goes really well with the crispy bulgogi and the richness of the sauce (sour cream or something? and cheese). I believe even non kimchi lovers can eat this without a problem. It's that GOOD!
The burgers were darn good too!
The half-eaten Animal. ^^
The half-eaten KGB Spiked.

See how juicy it is? No chilli sauce or ketchup needed. Seriously, I'd whack anyone who ask for it even if the owners won't! The burgers are flavourful as it is!

Anyway, anyone who plans to "makan" at KGB take note that it is open on limited hours : 
and the outlet is rather small at the moment. Just wait till they are ready to open the one in Mid Valley. I saw the KGB sign just next to Ninja Joes on LG Level already.

The price may be a tad pricey for some (the Animal RM14.90; KGB Spiked RM15.90 and the Kimchi Fries RM13.90) but remember, their burgers are handcrafted and made from ground steak and served in freshly baked artisan buns.

Our total bill was RM46.80. OK lah... Would've paid more if go makan at the nearby banana leaf rice. Just a little less if we makan at a fast food joint further up the street. So, not complaining. ^^


  1. oh never heard of this KGB before, i thought what that was when Mak Glam mentioned it in my blog earlier dei.. hmmm, love the burger too, though can see cannot eat, so i just can say i like that KGB wordings on the bun but cannot comment about the taste of course, hehe..

    wah, kimchi fries!!! bulgogi beef!!! kimchi fries with bulgogi beef!!! i must try that if i happen to go there one day~~

    1. Go and try. Highly recommend it. :)

  2. Ha! I'm going to a restaurant call Ribs and Burger in a bit ;)

  3. What a cool name! Sounds like some FBI thingy. Hahaha!

  4. Seems like the opening hour jus limit to night time, beside Friday to Sunday...must check the time before going duh!!!

    1. I listed down the opening hours in my post. ;)

    2. Yup!!! That's why got to thanks for your info!!! =]

  5. I haven't taken my lunch yet la!! Now so hungry already!


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