Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lenses For My Mister Hubby

Got it conveniently from Two boxes of "glamour" lens and a box of "normal" lens.
Surprise pressies for hubby
from Missus Wifey 
buying from a brand Swiss mari
aren't I such a nice lady?

And some colour lens for ME!

Who buys contact lenses as a present anyway?

Well, I do! ^^

My Mister got contact lenses from MrLens. Father's Day came early for him! LOL

It's so easy to buy MrLens, just head over to and everything is just a click away!

The site is so easy to navigate.

First I got myself registered :
Then shopping time! Yeay!
Choose your type of lens, choose colour, choose lens power, add to cart and checkout. Easy peasy. 
And if you LIKE MrLens facebook page : you can get a 5% discount on your next purchase. Hohoho Sweeeeeeeeetttt!

What's available in their website are quite competitively priced too so you not only save time and the hassle of buying them at stores, you can get it cheaper with MrLens.

Oh! Oh! Oh! They sell glasses too!

The best part and the part I check for any online purchases :
Their return policy.

Check out what I ordered. Hehehe
Very easy to order at MrLens website, I tell you. Furthermore, MrLens accepts a wide array of payment mode. Credit card, debit card, online banking... Super LIKE!

It's super easy with free delivery.

Once my order was done, I received an e-mail with pending status. Then, another e-mail came with status changed to processing.
Not long after, I got an update that my order had been shipped.

No worries wondering what happen to my order. I was updated all the time!
I made my order on late Wednesday night, got it processed on Thursday morning and on Monday morning, this arrived :
So cute that MrLens even put a lollipop with my order!

The lenses was delivered to my office address, by their despatch, with the package in a see-through ziplock bag so you can see what's inside. MrLens do prefer to send packages to an office address rather than home address as there would be less possibility of undelivered packages due to no one being at home.

Thank you to and The Butterfly Project, Caterpillar Chapter 10 for the lenses! ^^


  1. wow, that's interesting. I want to try wearing some colored lens. :)

    1. Wenn,
      It's really nice. And can change your look too. Try a pair! :-)

  2. I don't mind to receive contact lens as pressie!!

  3. I don't what to get yet :P

    1. For Mother's Day?

      Hurry decide!

      It's this weekend!

      Or for Father's Day? ;-)

  4. I always wanted the wear Levi's but I scared it put it on and take it out...don't know, just feel very uncomfortable to do it, hehe!!! =]

  5. I never used contact lens before as scare scare...

    1. Alamak! Nothing to be scared about!

      Try one first la. ;-)

  6. hashahah a lollipop?? so cute of them la

    1. eh so efficient fast they send to you

    2. Ziplock bag? Hmmm.....good idea also as these are fragile things. At least the courier service will be more careful with the stuffs inside.

      Down side is everyone saw what you bought lo

    3. Not everyone la. Only the receptionist n the despatch saw. Lol

      But ok wor. Can immediately see anything kemek or not in good condition.

      Actually, I think can get faster but the colour contact lens that I want no stock that's why a bit lambat.

  7. haha, as long as somebody gives me something i use, i don't care what it may be, who doesn't like FREE stuffs and somemore practically USEFUL, right??

  8. i have been wearing contact lens for almost 20 years now.. have not been doing online ordering, but just walk to one of the optical shops just 5 mins walk in my taman, get two boxes and it's enough to last 9 months for me (yeah, i actually wear monthly disposal for 1.5 months, haha!!)..

    1. I used to do that too. Extend the usage of monthly lenses a little bit more ;-)

      Wah... untungla the shop so near your house. Very convenient.

  9. but this Mr Lens is so nice lah.. comes with transparent ziplock bag and also LOLLIPOPS!! so sweet, and so semut lah, makes Mak Glam wants to buy more~~ :p

    1. Yup yup yup. Little gesture from them but so sweeetttttt...

  10. i like the poem u created. Rhymed so well. Nice pressie for Mister Hubby. Am sure you wanted himto see you clearly ! hahaha



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