Friday, 26 September 2014

Shopping Around, Patiently

The Boy is rather funny sometimes. In a good way.
He loves Lego.
A few friends had kindly enough gave me links to purchase Lego at better prices than retail and I, the ever obliging Mom had informed him.
He'd go through the links, checks whatever comes out online...
Then he'd ask us to accompany him to the store to check it out.

The first photo is Him checking out his list and prices and comparing it to the shops'.

I find it rather cute that he is doing that now. Just a 12-year old.

Must be because any purchase comes from his pocket money. Not ours. He has to earn it to enjoy it.


  1. Clever boy. Know the value of money. You taught him well Lina.

  2. Raimie is always one good boy.. he is already knowing the value and of money, and earning to spend money is not an easy task..

    and who would have thought he is Mak Glam's son??!! muahahahaha~~

    just joking la, we always know Mak Glam has brought up this boy so well.. :)

    1. It's good if a child knows the value of money early on, don't you agree?

      Yes, we can afford to give it to him, but then he/she doesn't know the value of getting it. ^^

  3. "He has to earn it" is a good idea. I also should let my daughters..

    1. We try to teach them good values, right Cocomino? ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. It's good that he save up and buy what he wants... :)



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