A Stylish Fitness Coupling Of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit

Cool gadget eh?

I have in my hands now a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit and am loving the chance to play with it.

A smartphone (duh) which is the Samsung Galaxy S5 and a wearable band - a fitness smartphone companion, which is what a Gear Fit is. The Gear Fit doesn't take or make calls but with Bluetooth, it is connected with the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone that I have. 

I like to stash my handphone in the back pocket of my running tights and sometimes I'd missed calls because I didn't notice it ringing/vibrating while I'm running or while I'm in a big, noisy crowd so with the Gear Fit, at least I can see any calls/messages coming in easily.

Helps too that Gear Fit is gorgeous to look at with its curved Super AMOLED screen AND with changeable wristbands so I can look stylish and sporty and the same time. Hehehe
psstt... I like my red band. It matches my red and orange running shoes. 

While Gear Fit is not as sophisticated as Gear 2 or other Gear watches but for anyone looking just for a fitness band that complements their S5 (or other Samsung compatible devices), nothing too fancy but provides enough to kickstart their fitness journey - this combo of a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit may be a start.

When I first got my hands on it, it reminded me of my old Nike Sportsband and also Polar Loop but both are standalone units while Gear Fit connects to a smartphone. 

So what did I do first when I got my hands on both Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit?

Downloading the Gear Fit Manager, of course! This is to connect the smartphone to Gear Fit, via Bluetooth. Whaddya expect from me, after all? It was the first thing I tinkered when I got the phone. LOL
 Pretty easy and painless steps.
Choosing whether to wear it on my left or right wrist?

Oh yeah, I changed the view afterwards from landscape to portrait so I can view it much easily during my workout. Pretty much own's preference, really.

Now all I need to do is go out and have fun with it.

Viewing is by just a mere swipe of a finger on the Gear Fit screen. Easy. Fast. Simple.

Oh yeah, I think like Polar Loop, Gear Fit can also track my sleep. It also is able to take my heart rate reading (well, the Samsung Galaxy S5 can too, just by placing a finger at scanner located at the back of the smartphone) - which maybe is helpful for those who loath wearing a heart rate monitor strapped to their chest, with their running watches.

I'll take both out the smartphone and Gear Fit for a spin maybe tomorrow morning and when I join the BOH Highlands Run in Cameron Highlands on Sunday.

I have to say, I can't wait to try the 16MP camera too. So far, it sure look awesome!

Let's take lotsa photos in Cameron Highlands with the new smartphone, yeah? Of course plenty of selfies too! LOL

I think I'll have a few more posts to document my Gear Fit "adventures" be it walking, running... maybe not cycling yet. Hehehe

A definite plus of Samsung Galaxy S5 : it's dust and water resistant. I hope it can withstand ALL my sweat!


  1. wah.. this is a very high-tech product.. so cool!!!

    like those very futuristic gadgets we used to see on movies only, but not they are all appearing in our daily lives..

    and i am sure Mak Glam will look very cool wearing it to run..

    orang cool pakai gajet cool.. cool on top of cool~~

    hihihihihi ^^

    1. For me memang hi tech since i just use a dinky phone.

      But Gear Fit is entry level fitness band. Good for those wanting something simple. ☺

    2. true also.. sekali give me high-tech one, Pakcik tarak tahu guna also!! muahahaha~~

    3. LOL

      But pakcik SK sure will fiddle around and find a way to fully utilise the function including those that may not be listed. ☺

  2. ooh.. very nice! umm.. i dont usually pick up my phone when I go running though, cos i'll be gasping for air, hardly able to hold a conversation :P
    Then again, i dont do for long runs :P

    1. Hahaha

      Sometimes need to, in case got ppl bored of waiting for slow me & wanna know my whereabouts. :P

  3. Replies
    1. My previous one even older version... lol

  4. I'm almost get Gear Fit before I settled for Polar Loop. It really look great! Enjoy your new gadgets!

  5. Wow! I am a loyal fan of Samsung ever since I lived & hung out with "K-Pop" students. They brainwashed me about its technology and a well received brand even in Europe besides being a supplier of parts for other leading brands.

    To date, I have used 4 Samsung phones and carries 2 models all the time. One is an older one that has dual SIM cards and looks like Blackberry. What I liked about this brand is its durability that suits a rough and violent user like me! Wakakaka I dropped the older phone over 100 times until its battery flew out but it could still function.

    Now I see your hi-tech phone, I am so tempted and drooling.

    1. I am very particular with the camera's functions that is very important for my nature of job and traveling as that saves my hassle to carry a bulky phone along. So far most Samsung phones have good camera functions esp the newer models. I bet you are having endless fun snapping photos everywhere from the group shots till the selfies with Mr Kura!

    2. I must follow Anay's advise for future Samsung products.

      Anay really has good sense.

      Plus the photos Anay took during vacation with Samsung phone are really nice. No need to carry big expensive cameras. 👍

    3. I am reading in disbelief again that this Gear Fit does so much wonders!! It is so useful for an active person like you. I bet Samsung should give you this unit since your positive testimonials will reach every corner of the country in your FB and blog! I must pinjam from you before buying one!!

    4. LOL

      When you want to come pinjam?

  6. Phewit...Mak Glam going hi-tech leh.

    i saw the "watch" thingy in samsung shops but shy to go and test it leh.

    My SIL just bought S5. Followed her when she went looking. Eh good leh.....I love the camera.

    if only they have more color option for the casing then would be perfect.which one did you get? the gold one?

    1. No lah. Mine just black. Gold is very nice, right?

      The smartphone is very addictive la. So syiok using it. The 16MP camera also so awesome!!!

  7. i love my samsung phone la. Light and easy to use

  8. Replies
    1. Baru nak belajar a bit of techie. Wakaka

  9. wahhh.nowadays so canggih!! First time seeing it... :)

    1. Got GearFit for those who wants less techie stuff and also other Gear watches. It's awesome!


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