A Date At The River Jungle Marathon

Actually, I didn’t plan to run in the River Jungle Marathon until about a month before the marathon date. It was too near to Son’s UPSR date so at first I was willing to forgo this FUN marathon just in case Son needed me to prepare for his UPSR. He seemed quite ready and anyway, he didn’t tag along to support that Sunday so it was OK.
Looking at my training plan which shows that I am supposed to do a 29K on the Sep 14th weekend and a 32K two weeks after that, I sure as hell know I won’t be disciplined enough to run it alone so I decided to bump the 32K long run last weekend and do the River Jungle Marathon. It was supposed to be my 32K + 10K extra LSD. I got my LSD and then some, with the super tough route. ^^

Hubby on the other hand, only decided to run this about two weeks before the marathon date because well, he also needed to train for an event held next year. Thanks Kak Leen! Nanti we all belanja you. ^^

We didn’t do much running with our last “LSD” being the Seremban Half Marathon (and kinda forsaking the training plan which I was supposed to follow) but we did quite a number of hikes which I supposed helped a lot tackling the inclines at the River Jungle Marathon.

Come marathon day, we arrived at the venue and immediately look for our friends who helped to collect our bibs. Chatted a while, met other friends too and went to the start/finish arch a few minutes before flag-off. I needed to go to the toilet but saw a looooong queue there so I decided to wait until after the flag-off to finish my “business”. Flag off, queue got clear and off I went to the loo. *phew*

Zaini told me he’d start first since he knew I probably would take my time and all giggly and silly with my gal pals. After the toilet visit, I joined my friends and we decided to mooch around taking photos and stuff and generally start our run at our own sweet time, almost 8 minutes after flag-off. Three of my friends were running in kebaya so when we overtook runners, other runners were wishing them “Selamat Hari Raya” and complimenting them. I tumpang glemer behind them la! LOL

Caught up with hubby at around KM5 mark just before the azan Subuh and kinda ditched my friends after that. Sorry ladies!

A mosque was a bit up ahead so plenty of Muslim runners made a stop there. Faster runners could stop at the Kampung Jawa (?) surau further up ahead, at around KM11 mark and it was a bit less crowded with runners there.

5.00am start for a full marathon is rather late here in Malaysia, but I think it made stopping for prayers (especially for female runners) much easier since we hadn’t gone out of the kampong area yet when it’s time for Subuh prayers. Though we have to pay afterwards by running under the 10am-12pm sun lah! Miahaha

Since Zaini had run the River Jungle Marathon last year, he warned me that the incline will start at KM20 mark. The route this year is a new route, a bit of last year’s route with an additional FUN torturous hill added at KM32. 

We took it easy, running at 8min/km pace until KM20 water station. And we made a point to stop at E.V.E.R.Y. single water station. To refuel and for photo op. ^^
Hammer gel were served to runners at KM20 water station and also at KM35 (I think).

Going up to Perez hill (which is a popular route for cyclist) we decided to walk it. This is where we’d bump into faster runners who’d already made a u-turn from the KM23 mark up ahead; after a 3K climb and it was nice bumping into them. I was still feeling good, slow but good so I was just enjoying the lovely view and meeting friends.  
The motivation to climb uphill this time was the durians that are waiting for us runners up there~
Pity I couldn’t enjoy them as my tummy was troubling me a bit and truth be told, I was really tempted to disturb the Orang Asli to “tumpang” their house to pangsai. SERIOUS! Zaini actually told me that he’d bribe the Orang Asli kids if I wanted to “tumpang” the toilet. Tempted as I was, I decided hold my “urges” for the next 20K but I sure was jealous at male runners darting into the bushes! LOL There were portable toilets stationed at certain water stations but nah… don’t want to use porta-loo to pangsai lah. 

The water stations from KM23 mark were stocked up with not only water and isotonic but also local fruits. Nice, right?
KM26 had bananas. The volunteers/crew manning  the water station happily told us that the coconut drinks are available at the next water station and that was our motivation to blitz downhill. Saw more friendly faces while running downhill too. Thanks for the photos, peeps!
KM29 wan’t the coconut drinks station that we hoped for, but there were langsat and mata kucing there. Pity as in the excitement to drink coconut water, we picked up our pace and held something like a 6:30-7:00 min pace from KM26 – KM29. Miahaha.

Just as before, I didn’t eat any fruits served there because of my tummy discomfort, which was a real pity. Huhuhu
Towards KM32 water station. A long march ahead. Most were walking. Few hardy souls slow jogged. And this is actually one of the milder inclines. Yup. Mild. Hahaha
With friends (both running and supporting) at the Semenyih Dam which is really on low water level. KERING! Dry! @.@
The best part of KM32 water station. Chilled coconut drinks! And a private set-up of a water station by friends for GC runners. Again, no can eat so “kempunan” the delicious karipap. Thank you!!!
And then… it was like a death march up a 2.5K incline at Bukit Hantu (at Tekali). Much respect to those who can still run up this incline. It wasn’t as steep as the hill we encountered earlier but the incline at this late stage of the marathon coupled with the hot morning sun made most of us just content to be walking up. Up and up and UP!
There was a small waterfall midway up and I was really tempted to have a soak there. It was that HOT! Some runners were seen taking a breather at a few precious shady areas.
KM35 and it was a blissful downhill. Had an icy cold sponge here. There was an “ice bath” too for those in need to soak their tired feet, I think. Lingered a bit then we made our way back under the hot sun.
Reached KM38 to be greeted with not only cold isotonic and water but also ice cream batang! (it was at KM38, right?) Made from isotonic! Took one to enjoy while running downhill. Holding a cold ice cream sure helps while running in a hot weather for me that I could actually muster up the energy to run. That and the fact that I wanted to run away from the heat. Might as well get this run done with. Hehehe
KM40 greeted us with a cold Coke (or was it Pepsi? Can’t recall. Fuddled bran dy). Had two cups and soldiered on, feeling better and happier that we had only 2K left.
The last 2K was a mix of slow jog and power walking and bumping with friends some more.
So happy to see the finish line and friends there. Yeay, we DID IT! My first marathon for 2014, can you believe it?
I had a great time. Sure, there were times when it got hard especially while climbing the hill at the KM32 mark but I had my hubby with me so while there was pain, I didn’t suffer much.
It was a good route albeit a tough one. The support was superb. Safety cars were seen plying the route most times as does ambulances too.
We finished and lepaked a bit (even had a shower) while waiting for other friends to finish especially for these three glamourous ladies who rocked the marathon clad in kebaya.
Thank you to everyone involved in the River Jungle Marathon. The organiser, the crews, the volunteers, friend who came to support and fellow runners too! You all rock!
Congrats to all for finishing the marathon and double congrats to those who did their first marathon yesterday.
Will I come back next year? When does next year’s registration open? Hehehe


  1. OMG! Wakakakaka what a funny post! My wife always have this same toilet issues everywhere from KL to China too. I think you were really an Iron-Lady to hold for so long if not habis sprayed on the running tracks. I am curious what kind of toilets these orang asli have?
    It was not an easy run with the incline steep roads but you all sure had fun!!

    1. Orang Asli lives in proper house now dei... proper toilet lah. :P

  2. Tahniah. "Jeles" saya semua ber RJM semalam. Tapi seronok tgk semua menamatkan FM.

    1. Terima kasih sbb datang memeriahkan finishing line Gme. :-)

  3. jealous!
    what an awesome event despite the crazy hills to climb! coconut water and that ice cream batang sounds awesome!

    good to know you had tons of fun ... and preparing yourself for your next marathon. yay!

  4. So you made it safely without having to pangsai in the jungle hah..hah..hah...

  5. Congratulations Lina!! Well done.. you did it in spite of one big obstacle that was "urging" you to "tumpang" the orang asli house ... hahahaa.. ThumbsUP!

  6. Can't run for Marathon, only on my own pace..

    1. I don't know if you notice it, but I always run at my own pace too. One shouldn't run at other people's pace anyway. Only we know our own abilities and push, after all. ^^

  7. what a great achievement it was to cover 42km!! congratulation to Mak Glam for making it..

    and even greater of all, she was able to hold on her "pangsai" urge for 20km!! that's amazing you!! muahahaha :D

    I am sure you had a lot of fun, and probably more fun if not because of that "urge" huh?? cool~~ :p

    1. i am going to say, if the "urge" really wanna bother you, bush also tak kisah lah~~ muahahaha!! :D

    2. True! LOL

      Or the waterfall though pity who was downstream! :P

  8. This seems like a well organised marathon with all the drinks and food/fruits provided. I like their motivational quotes at each point.
    Aiyo... your urge probably helps you to run faster ...hahaha...

    1. You ever run while wanting to pee or poop? How to run fast? lol

      Yup, this is s very good, well known boutique marathon.

      Used to be who's who in marathon who joined. Nowadays more people got to know about it and join the crowd. :-)

  9. Congratulation on your first FM this year!
    I haven't run any FM yet in 2014 :(
    And I really miss this fun filled RJM (with a much tougher route this year).
    Too bad I want to improve my FM timing this year so have to give it a miss.

    See you next month in SCKLM.

    1. Thanks Neoh. :)

      Your training sure showing rewards and all the best to achieving your target at SCKLM! :)

  10. Tahniah kerana menamatkan 42km.. :) . Saya ada kat sana juga dan 1st time masuk FM. Sebelum ni paling jauh lari 17km.. hahaha... gamble abis.

    1. Dasat gamble tu. Good that the gamble paid off ;)

      Congrats on your 1st FM. :)

    2. 3 hari jalan kengkang.. hak hak hak...


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