Monday, 30 March 2015

Dream, For Hope

Just a short one, something I shared on my FB timeline earlier.

"Nothing wrong about having a dream.
Especially if we act to achieve that dream.
Don't ever be afraid to start.
Don't ever be afraid to fail.
Success or failure, it's part of life experience.
Don't let anyone tell us otherwise.
And don't stop others from dreaming too.
Life is short."

It's  not poetic but it comes from my heart.

When we dream, don't let others who judge us, laugh at us or demean us stop us from trying to achieve what we dream for. Especially not when they don't walk in your shoes.

Be strong. Be true to yourself.

My father-in-law passed away on Friday after weeks spent at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

While life has to continue on, there will be some adjustments in our life in the near future.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Lego Time

Son has been saving up his pocket money and had planned to buy some more Lego during the Box of Bricks promotion at Mid Valley Megamall, where they had this  "LEGO City Swamp Police: Catch the Crooks" exhibition/promotion on.
He didn't get anything there at Mid Valley but he had fun taking photos. ^^

On Friday last week, we visited Bangsar Village and there, a similar Lego exhibits was held too.
He bought the Demolition Starter Set there and completed "a mission" where he was given a Lego Police Car to assemble and later was given a limited edition poster and certificate of completion. ^^

Then, we head to the Lego store located at Bangsar Village II and Son bought two sets of Ninjago and received more freebies! 

All in all I guess it was well worth the pocket money he had saved up to buy his Lego. 

Nothing too expensive.

He is building his collection slowly, with his own money.

His Mommy and Daddy always say, they'll provide for basic necessities such as food, clothes, education but toys; that one he has to earn them to enjoy them. Just like the new smartphone he got a few months ago.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Taiping Cross Country Run 2015

Just helping a friend and an esteemend runner, ultra-marathoner; Ewegene Tan spread out the word for this interesting cross-country run in Taiping this August.

More info on the run can be found here.

Anyone planning to do it, do register now. It's super early bird rate at RM59 for 15K and RM44 for 7K until Mar 31st.

It'll increase from Apr 1st onwards and may be subject to GST.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Weekend Fun Outing - Hikes And Malls Run

Son decided to spend Saturday at his granddad's house so hubby and I had the luxury of spending a few hours on Saturday without worrying about him too much.
We decided to do a few loops at Forest Reserve Ayer Hitam in Puchong, which is nearby Taman Wawasan. Again. Hahaha

Four and a half hours of doing the 3K hilly loops there and it's time to head home.
But not before enjoying some nice coconut drink from a makeshift stall at the base of the hill.

And then, off we went to pick up Raimie and head to another place to visit someone.

It was only after dinner that we finally got back home. A FULL DAY! 

Sunday started early.

Remember my previous post about running in the Mid Valley City Charity Run?

The 5K run started earlier than normal 5K runs; at 6.30am and we were already up at 5.00!
A novelty at this 5K run, we not only were able to run around the Mid Valley/Gardens Mall, we got to run inside them!

The first loop of the route saw us runners running around the Mid Valley/Gardens Mall road and the second loop had us going into the underground parking area!
Mid way through the run, we collected a glow stick lanyard and entered the parking area which was purposely darkened and decorated with glow-in-the-dark decorations. Cool!

But I wish they put on music on or something in the car park area because it kinda felt like we were running through a haunted house attraction. LOL

We came out through an incline of the entrance to the car park located just beside the Gardens Residences and proceeded to run into the Gardens Mall. We later exited from the entrance at the Coach/Dome and ran towards Mid Valley Mall and entered Mid Valley Mall through the entrance at Plan B. We ran from the South Court to the North Court, exited and ran the last few metres at the road in front of the Boulevard Offices towards the Finish Line.

I expected to finish slow as I had to wait for the congestion to clear up at the Starting Line and that actually took about 3 minutes.

There were a few times along a certain stretch that I had to stop and walk because it was too crowded and impossible to run. 

But hey! Despite an easy paced run, I finished in 28minutes (inclusive of that 3minutes waiting for the crowd to thin out). Ahaha
What to do after finishing my run?

Collect goodies!

There were no breakfast pack served this year, unlike last year despite an increase of RM20 in registration fees. But then again, the 2nd Skin event tee is nicer than the New Balance tee that we got last year.

As we had other plans for the morning, we only queued at some of the booths; Ori-Udon (hot dog on skewers), Garret popcorn (popcorn), Magnum (magnum ice cream!) and Moo Cow (yogurt drink) and decided to give Juiceee booth a miss as the line was really loooong. 

There were Milo and Nestle Fitnesse cereal too, so it was a nice "makan" after a short run. Hihihi

Later, hubby and I head off to Ayer Hitam again to tackle the hill again.
Bumped into a couple of friends and we started the hike together. But as they were faster, they went ahead and we continued at our own pace.

A 5K road run earlier and a 12K hike, it was nice to enjoy the free Moo Cow yogurt drink that we received at Mid Valley Charity run. Yum yum.

It rained when we were at the trail so the coconut stall was closed otherwise I'd stop and drink another coconut drink there.

Just a short hike because we needed to rush back before noon for a get-together.
Only one workout during the weekdays so it was nice to get a few workouts during the weekend. ^^

Looking forward for a new week!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Mid Valley Charity Run 2015

I'm going to run in the 5K Mid Valley Charity Run this Sunday, and am looking forward to do it with Son.

Just happy, happy, fun outing and later redeem the free goodies at the sponsor booths after the run.

Not only Nestle Fitnesse cereal and Milo, got Garrett popcorn, Magnum ice cream, Juiceee drinks, Moo Cow yoghurt and even some skewers of something from Ori-Udon!

Syiok wor. Hahaha

Later, I'm hoping to put in a bit more mileage and run at a trail. I hope I'll have the time because later need to rush for a lunch get-together.

Gonna be a fun Sunday! :-)

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Roadside Snacks

I always have a soft spot for the makcik-makcik who sell kerepek from table to table or at the five-foot way of shops all this time.

Used to buy those kerepek ubi pedas from the makciks who sold them in front of Globe Silk Store.

And I always waited for them when I had dinner at Pelita in Bangsar.

Rarely see them nowadays but if and when I do, I'd beckon for them excitedly and buy some.
Not really because they are outstanding or anything. I don't bother buying any at booths or stalls selling the same snacks.

Just because, like I said; I have a soft spot for them. That's all.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Shoes Collection : Adidas

I do own quite a number of running shoes. A few brands of them, as a matter of fact.

I do wear them out fast so I do like to have a few "extra" pairs just to make each pair stay with me a bit longer.

Plus, there was this Runners World article that mentioned that runners who runs in two or more pairs a week, had 39% lower injury risk compared to those who only uses the same pair. 

Anyways, so what if I had more shoes than what is needed? My money wor... 
I love all my shoes.

The pink Japan Boost shoes, I bought in Japan, obviously. ^^

The Orange Clima Cool I bought during the Malaysia Day sale last year. Adidas had this storewide 40% off and I couldn't resist buying not one but two shoes!

The Clima Cool was the shoe that ran with me in Fujisan Marathon. ^^

My first Adidas trail shoe was that dirty looking looking pink Kanadia in the photo.

A joy to use running down the clay path of Kem Pacat to Kem Lolo at Gunung Nuang. Grips wonderfully even in wet condition. Iffy on wet river stones though.

Am gonna be one of the shoes I'm bringing with me for Sabah Adventure Challenge next month..

The fluorescent Energy Boost was a very recent acquisition. In fact, I only ran three times in it so far. A friend helped buy it for me when she visited JPO earlier this year.


My lovely, lovely, red Adidas ClimaCool Seduction. I bought my first pair the day it was sold at Adidas outlet and got my free entry to Adidas King of The Road back in 2012. My first 16K run.

The one in the photo is my third pair of the same model. I love it that much!

The current pair had run with me in the 12-hour Back to Endurance run and also the Watergate 16-hour not to mention a number of half-marathons and full marathons!

But can you believe that I am still on the lookout for another pair? I have to retire the red shoes already. I need another pair for those loooooong hours run I love to do.

I need a pair to see me through not only the 50K at Route 68 this coming May but also, I'm doing the 12-hour Back to Endurance again and hoping to do better than last year.

I wonder whether I should get this?

Adidas Ultra Boost?
For RM650.00 I sure had to start saving up now, if I want to buy it! LOL

For the time being, drool first lah... And touch touch a few times when I saw it at the Mid Valley branch. Hahaha

p.s. a runner should never have enough colourful shoes. Boring running shoes are so 1990 lah! Muahaha

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A Date At Fuji

I took a day off today to spend it with son and since all he wanted to do was visit Mines Shopping Mall and spent the rest of the day at home, that was exactly what we did.

Nothing of much interest, seriously, at the Mines. It doesn't even have a decent bookstore! 

But we still had a nice time together and a rather nice lunch too.

At Fuji Cafe. A Japanese-Korean joint.
He chose one of the weekdays promotion. Pasta in miso soup.
This promo.

RM12.90 for his miso soup pasta (that had red chilli oil in it, I think. No, not spicy) and it came with a big glass of cold (or hot) tea and ice cream too.
With the portion that they served, it sure was a bargain in my opinion.

Taste not too bad too.
While I chose their teriyaki bento set. RM16.90

Portion and taste quite decent. Much much better thn Sushi King. Though I wish they serve cold tofu instead of the agedashi tofu because it was rather tasteless.

Love their miso and their chawan mushi was not bad at all.

Definitely can consider for another visit. ^^

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Today's Trail : Taman Cabaran (Putrajaya Challenge Park)

We had to ditch our plan to hike up Gunung Nuang today with friends and instead, decided to head somewhere much nearer to our home.

This time, we took Son along to Taman Cabaran or Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP) and hit the mountain bike trail there.

No mountain bikes for us though, just our legs and no wheels. ^^
Can also wall climb or skate here in Taman Cabaran. Free entrance to skate or use the thrill park facilities or use the mountain bike trail but there are fees for the wall climbing.
Plenty of trail to chose and all are marked clearly so we just had to follow the markings accordingly. 

Anyways, we just meander from route to route, trying to get as much mileage as we can while doing one complete loop. Overall distance for the mountain bike trail is approximately 9K if I'm not mistaken.

We bumped into a number of mountain bikers and one thing to note for hikers/joggers/runners - do give way to the bikers. It's easier for us to move aside than for them to brake, you know. 
Our loop for today. 
Always nice to do stuff together with the family.

And so far, apart from our training; we do keep aside a day to spend outdoors with Son. (Trips to mall don't count, ok? For us lah)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Ori Udon - Dinner For Three

Son and I had enjoyed eating at Ori Udon for a few times now but tonight was Hubby's first time eating there.

I do like Ori Udon at the LG Floor of Gardens Mall because of the fast service, good food and the rather affordable price.
I had the mentaiko udon set (RM15.90) that came with the tori karaage (fried chicken), Son had the kimchi chicken set (RM14.90)  with tori karaage and Hubby chose the niku udon set (RM15.90). Pretty good deal, with green tea thrown in.

Anyways, Hanamaru and Yoshinoya at Mid Valley is opening on Mar 15th.

Kinda miss Yoshinoya. They used to be OK when they first opened but the quality  dipped significantly.

Plus I hope what Hanamaru is offering will be at par with their Japanese counterpart.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Change Of Scenery

Hubby and I have been spending our mornings running in Universiti Malaya (UM), covering their rather infamous hilly area called Bukit Cinta this week, after sending our son to school.
A rather last minute attempt, if I can put it that way; to prepare ourselves for our 3-day adventure race in Sabah next month.
No different for today.
But this time, as we finished earlier, we added a couple of loops around UM's stadium track and bumped into some runners too. Even the respected ultra runner, Seow Kong was there training.
The elevation map for a loop of Bukit Cinta plus the loop around the track and managed to do 6K today.

I only have about an hour each morning before rushing to work but an hour is still an hour well-spent.

Anyways, this route is quite popular with a number of runners; and a group of my friends diligently spend Wednesday nights there, training.

With a good mix of long uphills, it's a great place for hill training.

I find it helps also to summarise what I've done so far in training for the 3-day adventure race, called Sabah Adventure Race in terms of our long runs (LSD).

3/1 : 10-hours LSD in Putrajaya.
10-11/1 : Watergate 16-hours. Did 80K
17/1 : Skyhawk Nature Run, half marathon

1/2 : Broga Hill/Mount Tok Wan.
13/2 - 15/2 : 80K within 48 hours (gotta split my runs as we needed to support son at his school's cross country event too, plus running other errands that weekend)
20/2 : 3-loops at Bukit Air Hitam in Puchong (10K)
21/2 : 2-loops at Gunung Nuang (20K)
22/2 : 5K at Taman Duta in Putrajaya

1/3 : Gunung Nuang 12-hours, Did 50K

After the Gunung Nuang Ultra, the mileage has been significantly lessen but I'm hoping to do some serious mileage this Sat and Sun.

I probably haven't done as much as I should but hey! Never say die. I'll try my best and most important for me is to keep a positive attitude. ^^

And oh yeah, have lots of fun too!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

PappaRich's Lunch


Another food post from me!

Been a quiet week, without much to do, so what to blog? Blog about makan lor... That one, I sure do everyday. Hahaha

Had this rather nice set meal at PappaRich for lunch.
A plate of fried rice with fried chicken wings that comes with a drink,
for RM19.90. Not too bad, I have to say.

Service was quite fast too, despite the lunch crowd today. I like. ^^
I am a happy customer. Burp.

Nice also the lunch was with a fellow respected runner.

Learnt a lot from him today. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A CNY Fishy Lunch

Remember I posted on how we got some free desserts at Manhattan Fish Market because their staff caused a friend of mine to be drenched in drinks?
Here's what we ate that time, other than the free stuff. ^^
 Their yee-sang. OK lah, but almost cannot see or taste the salmon. Hahaha
 Fried Giant. Got prawn, fish fingers, snapper fillets, battered onion strips and calamari.
 Spicy seafood olio.
Volcano Island. Grand name for herb rice topped with mussels, dory nuggets, scallops and a bowl of curry with bread on the side.
Sizzling bananas fritters with ice cream.
Icy hot fish bananas.
Sizzling brownie with ice cream. * Thumbs Up*

Portion wise, except for the desserts; they are generous. We shared the above dishes and there were 7 of us and were really full.

However, for desserts.. bear in mind, the portion served will be much more smaller and less epic in presentation than what you see in the menu.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dinner With The Family

I've been wanting to treat my family for dinner for some time but never seem to find the time. Actually, maybe it's more because I didn't make the time. Huhuhu

We were supposed to have dinner on the first day of CNY but somehow I didn't relish the prospect of suffering through the horrendous festival traffic jam back to my hometown so the earlier planned dinner at Tanah Aina in Sang Lee was postponed to yesterday evening.

We later decided to try Mohd Chan Abdullah in Bangi. When we arrived at 8pm, the place was  quite empty and I should've taken it as an omen somewhat. Not a good sign, although the first floor dining area did fill up later.

Anyways, as Hubby and I (with Son of course) were the first to arrive, we decided to order first and would top-up on the order later when everyone gets there.
Quite limited choice, I have to say.

We ordered a steamed siakap, salted eggs prawn, kam heong lala, butter sotong and baby kailan first.
The first to arrive was the steamed siakap. At first, we thought, wow impressive. Fast service.

But then, that lone siakap got cold and uneaten because it was 20 minutes later that we got our next order! 

When one of my sis arrived with her family, we ordered tom yam seafood, pandan chicken, siakap tiga rasa and black pepper beef.

And these were served after that now already cold siakap.
 Nah... don't order this even if you're a tomyam fan. Got a thumbs down from everyone.
 The siakap tiga rasa.
 Pandan chicken.
Black pepper beef.

It was after we complained, (again and again) that we were served the rest of our order. 
Puny serving of rice. Not even the fragrant type. (I dunno lah, but it tasted like the Cap Rambutan variety only). The staff sent us three plates of rice and then went missing for 10minutes. I guess it took THAT LONG to scoop 9 plates of rice. Seriously. We had to remind again and again that we ordered 12 plates of rice.

Then finally, after much scowling by hubby; we got the rest of our earlier order.
 Kam heong lala. What can I say? It's salty. The curry leaves that were in all the dishes pretty much served as garnish. We certainly didn't get the aroma or the teeniest bit of taste of curry leaves at all.
 Butter sotong.
 Garlic baby kailan.
Salted egg prawns.
Some of the drinks. My sisters and their families were unanimous in that, all the drinks were pretty tasteless. The watermelon juice tasted of orange juice, most probably because nobody bothered to wash the blender/juicer.

None of the drinks were finished.

Hubby and Son were better off because they drank mineral water. 

Quite a disappointment, really.

I'd only recommend anyone to go to this outlet if one wants to eat cheap.

For all the above, plus drinks and rice for 12 (9 adults); I only paid around RM275.00.

So yeah, only go if you can to be a tightwad but still want to have a number of dishes served.

I don't think you'd want the address or phone number of this outlet from me, right?

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Karan, Kari & Kool Eyewear

What the hell??? you asked. ^^

The morning actually started with a 3K+ hill repeats for me at the hill nearby my house. 

And then, we kinda had a full day out with son tagging along.

or electricity charge. Karan is a slang Malay word for it.

Actually not really.
I went to Axis Physiotherapy in Jalan Ang Seng, Brickfields for a "maintenance" treatment for my buggy left knee. Nothing too seriouslah, but since the knee has been in pain on and off for the past few months, I thought I'd try physiotherapy this time, after already visiting my doctor a couple of times.

This time, I was given this treatment where electricity charged was consistently flowed to my leg and the intensity increased.

Anyway, I'm thinking of treating my legs for a nice massage next. ^^

I am not too worried about my knee, yet; as all the doctors I've seen only advised rest or taking it easy. Did that for the whole of December so yeah, I was a good girl. Hahaha

Thosai for breakfast after the hilly workout was nice.

By noon, I was hungry again and after my physiotherapy session we went to Bangsar for lunch.
 Curry mee at Restoran Berjaya.
Yum yum!


We later went to Paradigm Mall to collect my glasses and also for son who wanted to visit the mall. ^^
It's technically cool, you know! So wearing a Rudy Project spectacles makes me cool too! Hahaha

We're going out again later for dinner with my family. My treat. :-)


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