Karan, Kari & Kool Eyewear

What the hell??? you asked. ^^

The morning actually started with a 3K+ hill repeats for me at the hill nearby my house. 

And then, we kinda had a full day out with son tagging along.

or electricity charge. Karan is a slang Malay word for it.

Actually not really.
I went to Axis Physiotherapy in Jalan Ang Seng, Brickfields for a "maintenance" treatment for my buggy left knee. Nothing too seriouslah, but since the knee has been in pain on and off for the past few months, I thought I'd try physiotherapy this time, after already visiting my doctor a couple of times.

This time, I was given this treatment where electricity charged was consistently flowed to my leg and the intensity increased.

Anyway, I'm thinking of treating my legs for a nice massage next. ^^

I am not too worried about my knee, yet; as all the doctors I've seen only advised rest or taking it easy. Did that for the whole of December so yeah, I was a good girl. Hahaha

Thosai for breakfast after the hilly workout was nice.

By noon, I was hungry again and after my physiotherapy session we went to Bangsar for lunch.
 Curry mee at Restoran Berjaya.
Yum yum!


We later went to Paradigm Mall to collect my glasses and also for son who wanted to visit the mall. ^^
It's technically cool, you know! So wearing a Rudy Project spectacles makes me cool too! Hahaha

We're going out again later for dinner with my family. My treat. :-)


  1. The curry mee makes me craving for it, hehe...

  2. oooh.. KARAN, is this from the word "current"??

    looks scary to me dei...

    errr, i mean those wires and what-not's, not your leg~~


  3. aiyoyo.. Thambee LOVES this curry noodles!! so rich, so lemak, so loaded.. must go and try this one day lah!!

    and the glasses, fuyoh, looks so high-tech only.. and call me *jakun*, this is very branded thing?? Thambee only get those RM138 lens + frame promo from the optician shops~~ :D

    1. Thambee not wear contact lens meh? Hihihi

  4. Hopefully the treatment worked for u. Surely you'll ook cool with the new glasses.

  5. I had a similar karan treatment for my back. It was kind of ticklish :)

  6. I have tried the "karan" thingy....but not like this punya la...last time buy a smaller gadget from Cosway...hehehe...to reduce tummy fat :p

    1. That one effective meh?

      Exercise better wor...


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