The Shoes Collection : Adidas

I do own quite a number of running shoes. A few brands of them, as a matter of fact.

I do wear them out fast so I do like to have a few "extra" pairs just to make each pair stay with me a bit longer.

Plus, there was this Runners World article that mentioned that runners who runs in two or more pairs a week, had 39% lower injury risk compared to those who only uses the same pair. 

Anyways, so what if I had more shoes than what is needed? My money wor... 
I love all my shoes.

The pink Japan Boost shoes, I bought in Japan, obviously. ^^

The Orange Clima Cool I bought during the Malaysia Day sale last year. Adidas had this storewide 40% off and I couldn't resist buying not one but two shoes!

The Clima Cool was the shoe that ran with me in Fujisan Marathon. ^^

My first Adidas trail shoe was that dirty looking looking pink Kanadia in the photo.

A joy to use running down the clay path of Kem Pacat to Kem Lolo at Gunung Nuang. Grips wonderfully even in wet condition. Iffy on wet river stones though.

Am gonna be one of the shoes I'm bringing with me for Sabah Adventure Challenge next month..

The fluorescent Energy Boost was a very recent acquisition. In fact, I only ran three times in it so far. A friend helped buy it for me when she visited JPO earlier this year.


My lovely, lovely, red Adidas ClimaCool Seduction. I bought my first pair the day it was sold at Adidas outlet and got my free entry to Adidas King of The Road back in 2012. My first 16K run.

The one in the photo is my third pair of the same model. I love it that much!

The current pair had run with me in the 12-hour Back to Endurance run and also the Watergate 16-hour not to mention a number of half-marathons and full marathons!

But can you believe that I am still on the lookout for another pair? I have to retire the red shoes already. I need another pair for those loooooong hours run I love to do.

I need a pair to see me through not only the 50K at Route 68 this coming May but also, I'm doing the 12-hour Back to Endurance again and hoping to do better than last year.

I wonder whether I should get this?

Adidas Ultra Boost?
For RM650.00 I sure had to start saving up now, if I want to buy it! LOL

For the time being, drool first lah... And touch touch a few times when I saw it at the Mid Valley branch. Hahaha

p.s. a runner should never have enough colourful shoes. Boring running shoes are so 1990 lah! Muahaha


  1. I loves those colours of the shoes, nice...

  2. wow, that is really a lot of shoes you have!!

    and look at the colors, so nice!! as striking as the owner ever!!

    hihihihi ^^

    1. You haven't seen the rest of the line-up! LOL

  3. i would suggest Mak Glam to buy all colors of the rainbow..

    so which color is missing now?? hehe~~ :p

    1. Hihihi

      I don't actually go out looking for colours when I buy shoes. I tend to look for a specific model and size... if it happens to be colourful/striking, that's a bonus. :)

  4. All colourful! Nice collection. I used to have Fila and Adidas sport shoes. Now I only have one. Bought from Bata.

    1. Running shoes are bright.

      It attract attention and can serve as safety of some sort. People can see you from far away. LOL

  5. I like all you running shoes, especially the pink one. And yeah, that Adidas Ultra Boost, sangat cantik. Buy!

    1. haven't tried them on yet... not sure ngam or not. :P

  6. Replies
    1. Duta Adidas tak berbayar.

      Kasut pun kena beli sendiri. Muahaha

  7. I love all your shoes and Adidas brand has always been my top brand choice. Probably I like its name sound & the origins that made me biased.
    I noticed you don't like blue or green shoes. I forgot you are a lady runner. LOL.

    1. No lah... I actually wear both male & female running shoes.

      I got blue n green, just not Adidas brand. ;)

  8. Most ladies collect high heels but yours are sport shoes, cool!!

  9. nice..I should get a colorful one too..

  10. A girl can never have enough of shoes especially running shoes! Eh babe...getttttt the UltraBOOST. You will definitely love it!!!

    I nak the purple one that you took pics of lah. Wore my black and now itching to have purple...maybe I can wear one side black and one side purple. I wonder if practical? Mwahaha

    1. Don't tempt me!!!


      The purple one looks cute right?

      If we share the same size, we can swap one side and get to wear both colours. Hahaha


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