A Change Of Scenery

Hubby and I have been spending our mornings running in Universiti Malaya (UM), covering their rather infamous hilly area called Bukit Cinta this week, after sending our son to school.
A rather last minute attempt, if I can put it that way; to prepare ourselves for our 3-day adventure race in Sabah next month.
No different for today.
But this time, as we finished earlier, we added a couple of loops around UM's stadium track and bumped into some runners too. Even the respected ultra runner, Seow Kong was there training.
The elevation map for a loop of Bukit Cinta plus the loop around the track and managed to do 6K today.

I only have about an hour each morning before rushing to work but an hour is still an hour well-spent.

Anyways, this route is quite popular with a number of runners; and a group of my friends diligently spend Wednesday nights there, training.

With a good mix of long uphills, it's a great place for hill training.

I find it helps also to summarise what I've done so far in training for the 3-day adventure race, called Sabah Adventure Race in terms of our long runs (LSD).

3/1 : 10-hours LSD in Putrajaya.
10-11/1 : Watergate 16-hours. Did 80K
17/1 : Skyhawk Nature Run, half marathon

1/2 : Broga Hill/Mount Tok Wan.
13/2 - 15/2 : 80K within 48 hours (gotta split my runs as we needed to support son at his school's cross country event too, plus running other errands that weekend)
20/2 : 3-loops at Bukit Air Hitam in Puchong (10K)
21/2 : 2-loops at Gunung Nuang (20K)
22/2 : 5K at Taman Duta in Putrajaya

1/3 : Gunung Nuang 12-hours, Did 50K

After the Gunung Nuang Ultra, the mileage has been significantly lessen but I'm hoping to do some serious mileage this Sat and Sun.

I probably haven't done as much as I should but hey! Never say die. I'll try my best and most important for me is to keep a positive attitude. ^^

And oh yeah, have lots of fun too!


  1. yes.. it's only one-third of March.. you still have time to catch up!!

    and i am sure having faith with your positive attitude..


    1. This week sajala.

      After that need to taper to keep the legs fresh for the big day.

      Thanks for your believe in me. ^^

    2. ... and also the stomach for the post-big day!!!


  2. Running in um can masuk just like that ke? No tahan2 at the gate? But I'm no politician :)

    1. Takde. So far takde pun. Lagipun, byk je guna the road as shortcut to get to/fr PJ.

      And the sports ctr pun accesible to public.

      Running pun ada politik ke?

  3. Ran the loop once recently. Like the climb but don't like the traffic near the DTC side of the loop. Will try to join the 4hrs training run in Apr organize by the UM Larian Gegar/BCU team as part of the preparation for my 6coming 68km. But the Apr session was scheduled on Friday night....

    1. Ooo... Maybe i can join also.

      Gotta check the date.

  4. I think training wise you should just go on with your style. As what you wanted are enjoying the race, I guess you have built sufficient ground for that purpose ;)
    Good luck.

    1. Thanks Neoh.

      All the best for Seoul Marathon!

      How's the weather today?

    2. Getting warm and my body seem to adapting to it. Felt/stayed positive for the race ☺

  5. Wah i never run in UM before, let alone the famous notorious Bukit Cinta... Wish to run there someday for my LSD before R68 too... I heard that BC is way more nastier than bukit FST UKM... So looking forward to run there this Sunday...

    Have fun in Nuang ya Kak Lina n Zaini =D

    1. Have fun recceeing the route esok. ;)

  6. Wah...your batteries never run out!

    1. Batteries get recharged a whole lot! LOL

  7. Bukit Cinta I remember! I always go hike there, hehe!

  8. lina, I saw your reply, I can meet you up again when you come to Taiping King of Bukit Larut next month. I am pretty excited about my first run of 10 km, hill hiking some more. I hope my ankle pain won't give trouble that time. I will temporary forget about my diet and feast on Nasi Lemak and cendol after I am done. Wish me luck, lina. Hope to see you soon.

    1. We can meet before or after the run, ya?

      I'm not sure how the schedule will be but I'll be helping out at the race venue prior to the race. ^^

  9. I was very impressed to see the chart and stared at it for so long to understand it. Gone are the days when I had to do so many demographic charts every week. Adoi.
    You know I always hang out at UM or pick/drop wifey weekly but it never struck my head that I should go running next time instead of fiddling inside the car for 1-2 hours!!!! I even carry running shoes in my cars. Bodoh anay!


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