The Weekend Fun Outing - Hikes And Malls Run

Son decided to spend Saturday at his granddad's house so hubby and I had the luxury of spending a few hours on Saturday without worrying about him too much.
We decided to do a few loops at Forest Reserve Ayer Hitam in Puchong, which is nearby Taman Wawasan. Again. Hahaha

Four and a half hours of doing the 3K hilly loops there and it's time to head home.
But not before enjoying some nice coconut drink from a makeshift stall at the base of the hill.

And then, off we went to pick up Raimie and head to another place to visit someone.

It was only after dinner that we finally got back home. A FULL DAY! 

Sunday started early.

Remember my previous post about running in the Mid Valley City Charity Run?

The 5K run started earlier than normal 5K runs; at 6.30am and we were already up at 5.00!
A novelty at this 5K run, we not only were able to run around the Mid Valley/Gardens Mall, we got to run inside them!

The first loop of the route saw us runners running around the Mid Valley/Gardens Mall road and the second loop had us going into the underground parking area!
Mid way through the run, we collected a glow stick lanyard and entered the parking area which was purposely darkened and decorated with glow-in-the-dark decorations. Cool!

But I wish they put on music on or something in the car park area because it kinda felt like we were running through a haunted house attraction. LOL

We came out through an incline of the entrance to the car park located just beside the Gardens Residences and proceeded to run into the Gardens Mall. We later exited from the entrance at the Coach/Dome and ran towards Mid Valley Mall and entered Mid Valley Mall through the entrance at Plan B. We ran from the South Court to the North Court, exited and ran the last few metres at the road in front of the Boulevard Offices towards the Finish Line.

I expected to finish slow as I had to wait for the congestion to clear up at the Starting Line and that actually took about 3 minutes.

There were a few times along a certain stretch that I had to stop and walk because it was too crowded and impossible to run. 

But hey! Despite an easy paced run, I finished in 28minutes (inclusive of that 3minutes waiting for the crowd to thin out). Ahaha
What to do after finishing my run?

Collect goodies!

There were no breakfast pack served this year, unlike last year despite an increase of RM20 in registration fees. But then again, the 2nd Skin event tee is nicer than the New Balance tee that we got last year.

As we had other plans for the morning, we only queued at some of the booths; Ori-Udon (hot dog on skewers), Garret popcorn (popcorn), Magnum (magnum ice cream!) and Moo Cow (yogurt drink) and decided to give Juiceee booth a miss as the line was really loooong. 

There were Milo and Nestle Fitnesse cereal too, so it was a nice "makan" after a short run. Hihihi

Later, hubby and I head off to Ayer Hitam again to tackle the hill again.
Bumped into a couple of friends and we started the hike together. But as they were faster, they went ahead and we continued at our own pace.

A 5K road run earlier and a 12K hike, it was nice to enjoy the free Moo Cow yogurt drink that we received at Mid Valley Charity run. Yum yum.

It rained when we were at the trail so the coconut stall was closed otherwise I'd stop and drink another coconut drink there.

Just a short hike because we needed to rush back before noon for a get-together.
Only one workout during the weekdays so it was nice to get a few workouts during the weekend. ^^

Looking forward for a new week!


  1. Great dating time with hubby too. ^^

    And a great Sunday run.

  2. oh that's nice!!

    running in the "disco theme" carpark and even inside the mall!!!

    imagine doing that at any normal day and an sure the security will come after you!!

    hihihi ^^

  3. Coconut water, I have a lot recently, haha!

    Have a great week ya!

  4. Running into the parking area? Hope the ventilation is ok.

    1. When I entered, there weren't too many runners so felt kinda OK.

  5. This is cool! Running around and inside a mall. But I remember there are some booths all over the place. So many people and "obstacles", it must be the most troublesome stretch to navigate!

    1. Not really. Just run in a straight line la. Hahaha

  6. The Mid Valley run looks kinda fun!

    1. It was.

      Such a novelty to not only run outside but also inside the malls.

      Plus walloping all the goodies after the run. LOL

  7. The weather now so hot, feel like having a coconut drink...

  8. Makes me wanna do more running with the treadmill... hahahaa... just now I did a 1.2km run and I was already sweating profusely.... sorry, correction.. not run.. brisk walk only!

  9. Sounds fun! My friend just told me once I try out trail running, I will not be interested in marathons or 10k... hahaha... I better don't try first and in addition, not much hiking places in the small red dot here.

    1. How would you whether you won't like road races, after trying out trails if you haven't tried tgem yourself?

      Plenty of runners I know do both.
      And trail running can actually make you a better road runner in some ways.

  10. Got time to pak tor with hubby ah.

    1. Fees increased but price of good had also increased .

  11. I must go and try this moo cow since I love yoghurts like crazy!


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