A Date At Fuji

I took a day off today to spend it with son and since all he wanted to do was visit Mines Shopping Mall and spent the rest of the day at home, that was exactly what we did.

Nothing of much interest, seriously, at the Mines. It doesn't even have a decent bookstore! 

But we still had a nice time together and a rather nice lunch too.

At Fuji Cafe. A Japanese-Korean joint.
He chose one of the weekdays promotion. Pasta in miso soup.
This promo.

RM12.90 for his miso soup pasta (that had red chilli oil in it, I think. No, not spicy) and it came with a big glass of cold (or hot) tea and ice cream too.
With the portion that they served, it sure was a bargain in my opinion.

Taste not too bad too.
While I chose their teriyaki bento set. RM16.90

Portion and taste quite decent. Much much better thn Sushi King. Though I wish they serve cold tofu instead of the agedashi tofu because it was rather tasteless.

Love their miso and their chawan mushi was not bad at all.

Definitely can consider for another visit. ^^


  1. What your son plan to do the next few day of holiday?

    1. Outing with friends.
      That's about it. Only a week of school holiday. Let him rest lah. Hahaha

  2. It doesn't take much to be better than Sushi King these days hahaha! :D

    I've tried cooking macaroni in miso soup before, it was seriously, not bad at all, so I think I get your opinion on their taste.

    1. So don't waste money at Sushi King and head to better option with same price range! ;)

  3. i thought Mak Glam quietly flew to Mt Fuji again!!

    oh, terkejut!! ^^

  4. the set is indeed quite worth, 4 course huh??

    and look!! the drinks and noodles looked even bigger than Raimie in the photo!!

    Mak Oi~~ :D

  5. Replies
    1. The bento set worth it leh . They give so many things

  6. What a nice place to eat and relax by the canal! I always love to bring tourists there to shop and ride boats. They loved it.
    Mines Shopping Mall probably would never dare to open big bookshops when the BBWS and Popular always hold mega sales next door!

    1. But I wish at least Popular would have a store here. Not everyday is book fair wor...


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