Friday, 26 February 2016

A Whole Carton Of Moolabar Stocked Up!

Remember I wrote about Moolabar last week?
Well, last night I received my order of 1 carton of Moolabar with a variety of flavours  from the Moolaman himself . ^^

The flavours that I got are Power (Banana Almond), Active (Dates Almond) and Smart (Raisin Almonds).

Now, with my Moolabar all stocked up (and shared), I won't be heading out for my runs or races on an empty stomach anymore!
As Moolabar is a granola bar that serves as a chewy, healthy energy bar, Son too can have a quick easy breakfast before heading to school.

Buying 1 carton of 24 boxes (with 6 bars in each box) for RM220.00 is a good deal as a bar works out to be about RM1.55. Quite affordable if you ask me.

I'm hoping to see Moolabar booths popping up at REPC (race kit collection) so that it'll be easier for me to buy them!

Anyhoo, for the time being; I'm just contacting them through


  1. If me, i will choose the raisin almond, as i like raisin...

  2. yippee!! you finally got one whole carton of Moolabar, for yourself and your loved ones..

    somemore you have a hunky Moolaman delivering to you.. hehe!! ^^

  3. RM1.55 each is indeed affordable!!

    but pls la, wake up earlier to prepare breakfast for your son, don't just throw him one bar.. muahahaha!!

    1. I used to do it, remember?

      But he didn't eat them so I stopped and gave him bread for breakfast instead. LOL

  4. RM1.55 for 1 bar, wow! Cheap la! I hope I can get it here too.

    1. Maybe if I go visit Taiping, I bring some for you :)

  5. I became hungry and greedy the moment I saw that photo of 3 Moolabars! The price is very cheap la. I must try this brand quick and stock up too! Mr. Moolabar Man wanna give Anay some? Hihihi



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