Thursday, 4 February 2016

Gua Jinjang Pelamin (Twin Pillars Cave) In Merapoh

For the last week of January, Hubby and I joined the Running Project Team on their trip to Merapoh in Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

On Saturday, we followed the team to recce part of the 100K section of their upcoming race in July which is The Magnificent Merapoh Trail. (blog post here).

The next day, on Sunday, the team went caving to Gua Jinjang Pelamin.
Everyone aboard the four-wheel drive and ready for our caving trip, lead by our guide Seni (I forgot his full name). ^^!
To get to the mouth of the cave, we did a bit of climb first. The guide went up first and later secured a rope for us to use to safely climb up.
The view outside, from the mouth of the cave.

Spectacular, isn't it?

But close by, there were developments for a highway that is being built, so the area won't be pristine for long.
The front chamber before we went further inside.
Our guide informed us that Gua Jinjang Pelamin has the second biggest chamber amongst all the caves in Merapoh that has been explored. There are approximately 500 caves in Merapoh but less than 100 has been explored.

Efforts are made not only to explore and document the caves but also to preserve them for future generations.

The caves are located outside the jurisdiction and protection of Taman Negara so the locals here are working hard to stop the plan for a cement plan to be built here.
As we went further inside, the path got more challenging.
The were ropes to climb (up and down), guano (bat poo) to walk through and a river to cross too.

Gua Jinjang Pelamin falls under the moderate category for difficulty to access so even beginners to caving can enjoy it.

We had to be careful when we tread, not only to avoid touching the living stalactite (to avoid "killing" it), there are scorpions and bats to contend with too.
Photo credit : Fateha
The piece de resistance : the twin pillars that is the "Jinjang Pelamin".

It was a fun new experience for me and hubby. An eye-opening experience too.

Again, thank you team Running Project for the experience.

And all the genereous "makan". ^^


  1. Masya Allah, soo gorgeous! I mean...the gua ;D
    that twin pillars, is it a stalactite or stalacmite. or 2 becomes 1

    1. Ala, not me ke? Kikiki

      A ah... Dah bercantum. It was a sight to behold.

  2. indeed beautiful and spectacular inside the case!! the artwork of Mother Nature..

    a very nice experience from the team Running Project, kudos!!

    and also the team "Cooking" Project for the food too?? ^^

    1. Cook only once what...

      The rest, subcon the cooking to others la.... Hahaha

  3. Wow.. so adventurous! So far, I have been to Gua Tempurung and the Niah in Miri and those were many years ago! hahaha..Now I dare not climb up and down already.. Syabas!

    1. Wahhhhhh you also so adventurous!!!

  4. The 3rd picture, i will be very scare as i got height fright...

    1. It's got to conquer our fear right? :)

  5. That's really a beautiful cave and well, how I wish I can join you guys - in running and hiking ! Well, I really hope developments won't destroy all these pristine caves which has existed millions of years ago !

    1. Come la. Take a few days off.

      There's a big Singaporean contigent coming for TMMT this year.

  6. hi... i like to try exploring the cave. do you have the guide contact or anyway i can find guided tour? somehow i cant locate any guided tour on google



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